Adult phone chat with Lucy

adult phone chat

Being a whore is easier now than ever before. I’ve found so many adult phone chat apps that help me locate new dicks to ride! My favorite is basically a virtual game of fuck or pass. I get to browse pictures of random, sexy guys that are close by and ready to fuck. Each photo has 2 buttons on the bottom that say fuck or pass. If I see a guy that I want to meet up with, I just click the “fuck  button” and it sends him a message from me and opens a chat window. I’ve met soo many guys like this. Yesterday, I made it my goal to fuck every guy that posted his photo within a 25 mile radius of my house. I took so many hard dicks and of course I let every one of them cum in my slutty pussy hole. I even had a few of them pop their cock into my tight asshole and shoot my shithole up with cum! When I woke up this morning my pussy was still throbbing and oozing sticky jizz and I had 4 new messages! This app may be my newest addiction, next to cum!

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