Adult Phone Chat with family fun

Adult phone chat is where I found a nasty freak who reminded me of my brother. Just like my brother and I his little sister had hot pregnant pussy. The difference is he knocked his little sister up. Therefore we bonded with nasty family fucking. So when he found out that my youngest slut was hot and ready to be bred, he gave me a big donation to be able to play with her.

Adult Phone Chat

“Wow look at that sexy body” he said as he started to undress her. His pcock was hard and stuff from just watching her little naked body. “Open your mouth up” he demands while pushing her head down on his cock. “That’s right eat that cock meat” he says as she chokes on his hard cock. “Are you ready, little slut to fit that big meat inside you?” He asks her while laying her down and lifting her legs in the air.

“It is time you get bred and become a mommy” he moaned out as he stuffed her with his cock.  I watched ad he fucked her just like he told me he fucked his little sis. The way he fucked her was to let her know she belonged to him. Making her submit to him, just like my daughter us doing now. Finally his balls tightened up and he moaned out “Let big brother get you pregnant”. I bet that is what he you’d his little sis when he fucked her and started to breed her.

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