Adult Phone Chat With A Trans Queen

Adult Phone Chat
Happy pride, you adult phone chat addicts. I’m Madame Raina, and if you don’t know me get ready to worship this thick ten inch cock I have hard and ready for you. It’s June, and that mean celebrating beautiful Trans women.

Show me how you celebrate with that mouth wrapped real snug around my cock, huh? I want to feel you drooling with pride as I slide this thick dick in and out of your wet little fuck hole. I know your throat craves to be filled whether by girl sticks or the steamy load of cum I’m brewing up for you inside my pretty balls. My hand is on the back of your head, holding you tight so you can’t go anywhere. My other hand caresses that sweet face of yours as I start to mercilessly pound away, face fucking you as if you were nothing more than a simple pocket pussy.

Then again, that’s what you are, aren’t you? You want me to tum you into a cum slut, into a fuck bucket just good for a cock wielding babe to slam into and bust a but in? Put on your panties, and now pull them down.

Turn around. Madame Raina and her thick chick dick are about to take you to pound town right now.

Dirty Phone Talk

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