Adult Phone Chat With A Teeny Girl

Adult Phone Cunt
Summer time is coming to an end, but Summer Thyme (that’s me!) is cumming to the memories of everything I did this fucking year and I’m going to tell all in the adult phone chat session you and I are going to have. I did not let a damn virus stop me from living my slutty girl summer.

We get vaccinated around here! But holy fuck did I have Ninety Days of Summer Cummer fun! I made sure that I took a load every day of every week of every month – yes a minimum of one! It’s so good for my sweet, soft skin. It helps my long hair grow, and even fills in my ass and tits even more. I spent my hot days lying in the cool dark of some man’s room, and my nights under the stars riding hard cocks in the back of my pick up truck.

If you even knew half of the trouble I was getting into, you might be shocked. I look so innocent but I’m really a hot little teen slut who’s eager to get filled up. Your balls are full, aren’t they babe? Let me drain them for you; you’re gonna cum hard, babe.

Sexy Slut

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