Adult Phone Chat with a submissive fuck tool

Adult Phone Chat with a subby whore is what most men want. “I need you to shut up and take my cock” is all my master says as he pulls me out of my cage. After my master ties me up I say “master use any hole you want and I will take it”. “That is all you are made for whore” he laughs. “Yes master I am lucky to have you use me as I am intended to be used” I respond with a smile.

Adult Phone Chat

“I am going to feed you a big load of semen”, he says while pulling his cock out. Therefore I opened my mouth and let him use it to jack his dick off. He grabs my head and fucks me so hard I almost throw up. But I try to just take it. “That’s right you slut your holes are made for me to use” he says as he continues to fuck my throat.

Knowing he feels my throat is worthy to fuck, gets my cunty wet and my belly hungry. When I taste his precum, my pussy twitches. The way he fucks my throat is the way I wished he fucked my cunt. Finally his balls tighten up. Then his cock starts pumping his thick load of semen and he feeds me a big load. After he pops his cock out my throat I thank him. “Thank you for feeding me master”.

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