Adult Phone Chat with a Sexy Mommy

adult phone chatAdult phone chat is what I was born to do. I went to college, but I have never had a real job. I grew up in a fishing town in Canada, only babysat and fucked my brothers and sisters. Went to the city for college because that is what you had to do if you didn’t want to marry a fisherman or be a fisherman. I got an Mrs. Degree. Married and divorced a wealthy American, so now I am a legal immigrant and the support my husband pays me keeps me and my 3 sons comfortable. I don’t need to work. I do however, need to talk dirty. I have led an incestuous life since I was a school girl. I can’t just tell anyone either. I fucked my siblings and now I fuck my boys. They are better lovers than their daddy ever was. They take direction. My ex always thought he knew how to please me. He wouldn’t take any direction on how to eat my pussy the way I like. My boys love it when I tell them how to make me cum. I am giving them skills, important life skills. Woman who encounter lovers who can make them cum, have women like me to thank. Did your mother teach you the art of pleasing women? If not, I can be your sexy MILF teacher. Summer school is in.

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