Adult Phone Chat with a Sadistic

adult phone chat

Adult phone chat with me is not what you would expect. I am not a cute coed. I am not a GFE girl. I am not a mommy. I do not talk about most things those other women talk about. I cater to dark fantasies. I am a sadistic bitch. I have a violent streak. I am downright murderous most days. I specialize in snuff and rape fantasies. I do a lot of castration and blasphemy calls too. The dark fantasies that could get you sent away for life are what I help you with. I do not do the vanilla shit. Where is the fun in that? Last night I helped a man with his rape fantasies for his niece. She is a blonde tiny thing who cock teases him. She is a little cunt. A stupid cunt who needed put in her place. I helped him fantasize about what it would be like to fuck her. I described her tight and bloody holes in such detail he popped his load quickly. He has worked it up in his head so much for over a year that my words just put him over the edge. I want to help you explore those taboo and dark fantasies we both know you have too.

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