Adult phone chat with a brother fucker

adult phone chat

My best friend Kelley had plenty of secrets. I soon would uncover thru adult phone chat. We would spend hours on the phone talking about everything. One thing would lead to another, and we would talk about all the naughty things we have done. We were young things talking about grown up things. When we played double dare I uncovered she was a brother fucker. I knew something was up because they were always all over each other. I wasn’t surprised. I wasn’t shocked either. I did want in on their tryst. I have always wanted to have incest fun with a brother and sister. I knew they were going to have some nasty adventures.

We dressed up like perfect teen sluts. Shorts daisy dukes and hot pink crop tops. We were both wearing sexy thongs, and we were ready for a night to remember. I wanted to see Kelley fuck her brother first. It was the hottest thing I had ever seen. I was watching how well she knew his cock and how she could make him cum. They were doing this for a very long time. I was wet and ready for that cock too, so I wasted no time. I got on top and rode him while Kelley fingered my ass and sucked on her brother balls. It was the best fuck ever. I had my cunt quivering from his size. I don’t blame her for being a brother fucker. I wish Kelley’s brother were my brother too. I would fuck him all the time.

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