Adult phone chat wasn’t enough for him

adult phone chatAdult phone chat wasn’t enough for him, he had to have more and honestly, so did I. I told him to come over even tho I knew that all the brats were still awake, I was way too horny to wait for them to go to bed. He was all pissed when he saw the little ones on my bed with me but I just shushed him and pulled out his cock. He said it was wrong that we were all together like that but his protests all stopped once my mouth was on his dick. He laid back and closed his eyes to really enjoy it and that’s when I had my daughter come suck his cock. He didn’t realize what was happening at first, by the time he did realize that it was my daughter and not me i was too late he was cumming deep down her throat. He loved it more than he thought he would so he was eager to try out her lil cunny too. We laid her down and licked her little bald pink cunnie until it was real wet and ready and then I helped him guide it inside her. She was so small and tight he could barely fit but he sure loved it!

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