Adult phone chat turns me on

adult phone chatAdult phone chat really turns me on, just overhearing something dirty can get my panties wet so you can imagine I got really excited when I heard my son talking dirty about me to one of his friends. He was telling him that I would suck anyone’s cock and that I loved young boys like them but his friend didn’t believe him at all. My son was getting frustrated so finally he said that he would prove it and he came and got me. I told him that I had heard the whole thing and went in there and told his friend that my son was right, that I loved young men like them and that I would suck their cocks any time they wanted me to. He was still skeptical so I just got on my knees in front of him and pulled that cock out and started sucking it. He came pretty quick but that young dick stayed nice and hard so I stripped and told them both to fuck me. I had young cock in my ass and another in my pussy and it was amazing! They were both so happy too and his friend was convinced that I was a slutty mom.

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