Adult Phone Chat Therapy

adult phone chatAdult phone chat therapy is what I offer. I am not your typical phone sex woman. I am a college professor of psychology. I specialize in human sexuality. That is a very broad specialty. I started doing this sort of work when I was in grad school. It was research for my dissertation on kinks and fetishes. I love it so much that I do it part-time now. I am not here to judge you or cure you. I am here to help you understand your fetishes and accept them. Whatever your kink or fetish is, there should be no shame. Take cuckolding for example. Many men love he idea of their wives fucking other men, especially if they can watch. Sure some bisexual guys look at it as a safe way to explore their bisexuality, but cuckolds are not necessarily gay. They are sexually submissive men who recognize the need for their partners to get bigger dicks. Being a cuckold is a selfless thing to do for your woman.  I help cuckolds all the time. I help men understand the need for them to be cuckolds and the reasons why they love being cuckolds. There is no shame in being a cuckold. It saves marriages. I can help you with whatever your kinks or fetishes may be.

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