Adult Phone Chat Therapy

adult phone chat

Adult phone chat therapy is very popular. I am a phone therapist and a real one too. I went to grad school for psychology. I teach and I have a private practice. And I do phone sex on the side. I started this line of work in grad school. I needed a job that I could do from home. And I wanted research on sexual fetishes and kinks for a paper I was doing. My early callers were my lab rats of sorts. I specialize in sexual dysfunction and fetishes. Right now, my private practice is full of cuckolds. Men with small dicks who cannot satisfy women. Some men who come to me are married. Some cannot get a woman to save their lives because they have a small dick. My kind of therapy is the same either way. I give a healthy does of small dick humiliation, and if married, I encourage the wife to cheat. I love helping women do better. Better than their shrimp dick men. If you come to me for phone therapy, I will be brutally honest. I am a cock size queen. Women need to be with men with big cocks. Cuckolding men is something I love to do. I will not stroke your ego or blow smoke up your ass. I am team woman and women deserve big dick.

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