Adult Phone Chat Takes Anal Virginity

Adult Phone Chat My neighbor and I were hanging out and getting totally fucked up yesterday and I was telling him about my Adult Phone Chat job.

He was more than a little high when he told me one of his dirty secrets!

He loves to have his ass licked!

He said he had always been afraid to tell his girlfriend and so I told him that I would be very happy to slide my tongue around his tight little fuck hole!

He was a little nervous because he said that he didn’t want his girlfriend to find out!

I told him not to worry, that I get tons of married guys off all night long and it is always our little secret!

As soon as I slid my tongue around the rim of his tight puckered shit hole, his cock got rock hard!

But his ass was so sweet that I couldn’t help but slipping it in a little!

He let out the slightest gasp as his hips started moving with me!

I could tell he was getting really worked up when he started moaning and pushing back against my face!

So I buried my face between his plump cheeks, forcing my tongue in and out!

His cock started to drip and his balls got so tight!

Well, me, being the Anal Sex Whore that I am, knew that i needed to fill that tight ass with cum!

I immediately started sucking his long hard cock as I pushed two fingers deep into that tight ass!

I was finger fucking his virgin shit hole and swallowing every inch of his meaty throbbing cock!

I gave him the best head that I had ever given anyone as a blowjob phone Sex slut!

It wasn’t long before he flooded my mouth with creamy cum!

Normally I would swallow every bit but I had to show him how amazing it was to have an ass full of cock spit, so i spread those cheeks wide and spit it all into that tight puckered fuck hole and finger fucked him until it was full!

I love that I can share my work with my friends!

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