Adult Phone Chat Snuff Stories

Adult Phone Chat

He called me late at night from his car for adult phone sex, and he told me he’d just acted out his rape fantasies and murdered a girl! Well of course my cunt jumped in excitement because only blood and brutality really ever turn me the fuck on. I grabbed my bag and ran outside, and he scooped me up in a second. The girl was still in his back seat unconscious and bouncing around like dead weight groceries. The whole car smelled like sex, and he played a recording of her screams for me! At that point I couldn’t keep my fingers out of my pussy, and my big bouncy breasts were jumping all over from the bumps in the road. My hand slid right up my skirt while he told me about the way he had found this little girl at the mall and stalked her for several hours before finally snatching her right from her back yard. He said she was a screamer, a fighter, and I could tell by all the defense wounds on him. It only turned me on so much more to know he was going to park and use her again in front of me while I masturbated to my own little home directed BDSM Phone Sex movie.


Big Bouncy Breasts

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