Adult Phone Chat Sluts Get Submissive

Adult Phone Chat Sluts get submissive and my master uses it for his pleasure. He planned a gangbang for me, and I knew he wanted to make sure I got used all night. As soon as I got there, he undressed me and tied me up. He whipped me and paddled me as he told me I better not let him down. When he finished, the first set of big cocks came in and right away I was sucking them and they were picking the hole they wanted to fuck.

Adult Phone Chat

Right away I felt a cock being pushed into my ass as another into my pussy. I felt cum being splashed on my face and tits, some on my eyes I just closed them and took the pounding and bukkake. All I could think of is my master being happy with me and my holes getting filled up. Knowing I have cum dripping from my pussy and body turned me on I came so hard then and there.  

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