Adult Phone Chat Sissy Trainers

adult phone chatAdult phone chat sissies need sissy trainers. When I was younger, I chose to be a professional dominatrix. I earned more money with less time and effort put into the job than my friends who worked retail. Being a domme came easily to me too. Something changed, however. And it was not me. The laws changed. Now, pegging and many of the things I did as a professional dominatrix, the law considered illegal.

I changed career paths. The way I thought about it was simple. Sissies and submissive men are cut from the same cloth. I went down the sissy training path. And I have been there ever since. Turns out, I enjoy sissy training. I can turn men into Barbie dolls. I can teach them to suck Ken’s cock too. Even though, I am no longer a professional dominatrix, sissy trainers are dominatrix phone chat women.

Sissy Training with a Dominatrix

Marc is a sissy boy. But in fantasy only. When he hired me to be his trainer, he informed me he needed pushed out of his fantasies and into a glory hole. No problem for me. I love to make a sissy boy’s fantasies cum true. After a makeover to look like a bimbo Barbie, I took my new sissy to this black cock sissy glory hole downtown. You cannot be a sissy if you do not suck cock.

Have you been to a glory hole? Marc felt like the belle of the cock sucking ball. He was the only sissy at the glory hole. I shoved his head down on every cock that popped through the holes. All massive, big black dicks that challenged my new sissy’s capabilities. But guess what? I helped him reach his potential. Sometimes, a sissy trainer must push her sissy out of the safe zone. So, his mouth hurts to day. That was a small price to pay for becoming a real cock sucking sissy.

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