Adult Phone Chat Naomi

Adult phone chat

I am your adult phone chat slut whenever you need me! I have a huge kink for being dominated by a hard daddy dick! My boyfriend gives me a dark and sexy look everytime I am in trouble! His names Nick but I have to call him Master of course! He takes great care of this body when he knows I need it but I service him in any way I kind with my holes! I have been Masters naughty slave for two years and tonight he has me naked with his chest against my tits! His cock grows harder against the inside of my nude thigh and twithces between my legs as he kisses me roughly. It makes me moan and whimper for him as he places a hand around my throat and squeezes. “Watch your mouth.” Is what he growled in my ear after I cussed at him! I wanted to be a bad girl and be punished tonight! He pulled my hair and dragged me to my knees. “open your mouth slut.” His demands make my pussy pulse and wet! I open my mouth for him and suck the tip into my mouth! He twitched in my mouth as I suck his dick further down my throat! I gag on him as he pushed deeper and deeper! when he was satisfied he pulled out and bent me over our bed for a well deserved spanking! He used his bare hands today to bruise up my ass! He gave me ten swaps on each ass cheek How many more do you want to give me?

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