Adult Phone Chat Mommies Get More Perverted with Each Boy in the Family

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Adult phone chat mommies are what every man craves. I help make their mom fantasies seem real. That is because I am a mommy whose boys seduced her once upon a time. I was oblivious to their clues. I would find my underwear under their mattress or pillow. Sometimes they felt extra crunchy. Sometimes, I caught them jacking off with my dirty panties or even watching milf porn. It still never registered until one of my sons told me I give him boners. I think women are more enlightened today than they were 20 years ago. When I remarried and had another son, I vowed that I would not miss the cues and I did not. They started earlier than my first-born boys. But now, I have three mother fuckers in the family. I could not want for more. Well, yes, I can. I want a grandson and I am about to get one. My oldest son and his wife are expecting a baby boy over the summer. That means I can start playing with a little hairless peepee. I can even be a wet nurse. Sexy mommas get kinkier with age. My son has already told me that I can play with my grandson whenever I want. And just like that I went from a dirty mommy to a dirty grandma.

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