Adult phone chat leads to dirty fun

adult phone chatAdult phone chat is always fun but sometimes it leads to something really dirty. I was talking to my son’s friend the other day, just talking about my son and when he would be back when the conversation turned a little dirty. He was telling me how sexy he thought I was and how he always wanted to get with me but never thought I would let him and it was starting to turn me on. I told him that I love younger men and invited him to come on over and hang out with me and see where things went. Well, he was at my house ten minutes later with his cock straining at the front of his pants. I pulled it out and started sucking it but he wanted this pussy too bad to wait. He just picked me up and put me against the wall and ripped my panties off. OMG I was soaking wet and so turned on that I came pretty much as soon as he shoved his cock in me. It was the hottest experience of my life!

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