Adult phone Chat Lauren

Adult Phone Chat

Adult phone chat makes me wet as fuck baby! I like being nasty with super fucking hard cocks that can make me scream loud and cum hard. My favorite kind of cocks is always those of authority. For example, teachers, cops, and even those in the government! Tonight I got a call from a very special, and VIP man looking for his perfect dream slut! He described me to a T and was dying to have some fun. Of course, he wined and dined me first and that consideration alone made my pussy wet for him. His foreplay with his light touches and secret naughty whispers against the skin of my ear and my throat sent a tingling sensation to my core. His apartment was luxurious on the highest floors of New York. I was enjoying the handsome view from the highest tower in the heart of the big City itself, finishing my glass of wine when he stalked up behind me. His right arm caressed mine, with his fingering dancing lightly across my tan skin until our hands met and intertwined. He slowly turned me in almost a dance-like twirl to face him. He lowered down to kiss my lips. I could taste the strawberry wine on his lips and our tongues fought for dominance over one another. I let him win of course! Then he pulled away, taking my empty glass with him to set it on the counter nearby. He took my hand and led me straight to his room upstairs. He shut the door behind us leaving the hallways empty and dark. He came back to me with his gentle touches and tugged up the bottom of my velvet black cocktail dress. His kisses peppered my skin down to my bare tits and turned to lay me down on his bed for our night of fun!

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