Adult phone chat is getting me thru

adult phone chatAdult phone chat is the only thing getting me thru this goddamn quarantine bullshit. I can’t have my business open right now without a huge chance of the cops coming to shut me down so the only dirty shit I can do anymore is my dirty calls. Thank god for all you perverts out there, I would so completely lose my mind if I had no outlet at all for my horniness. I need to hear y’all jerking those dicks while I masturbate, if I can’t have some real dick this is the next best thing. I was doing just that this morning, masturbating on a call with this horny guy when I noticed my neighbor watching me thru the window. That kinda got me even more turned on so I opened the curtains wider and kept right on going. He was watching and jerking his cock and I swear we came at the same time it was so hot! You gotta look everywhere for pleasure these days so make sure to keep an open mind.

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