Adult Phone Chat is Discreet Even with a Sexy T-girl

adult phone chat

Adult phone sex is discreet. If you like a sexy shemale like me, you do not have to worry about being discovered. So many men are closeted over their love for special girls like me. I love being a sexy shemale. I am dominant, however. I met this closet case at a party recently. Terry is married and part of that anti woke mob who believes girls like me are freaks of nature. He was running his mouth to me about never buying Budweiser beer again and burning his Sports Illustrated magazines. Men who protest that much are trying to quell their inner demons. This guy was protesting to appear straight. It is a foolish tactic because most enlightened folks know that a being attracted to a pretty face, nice breasts and a femme body does not make you gay. I am a woman who happens to have a cock. Gay men do not like me.

Alone in a room, I showed Terry my ten-inch panty surprise, and boy was he surprised. He fell to his knees to worship me. I am a goddess, and Terry was my bitch. I knew he was just some closeted nut job.  I told him I would keep his T-girl loving secret if he would stop spewing his hate. I may have blackmailed him too. I filmed him sucking on my huge cock. I also filmed him on his knees taking my sexy tranny cock up his virgin ass and loving it. I turned him into my anal sex whore. Now, maybe he will shut his mouth. Sexy T-girls like me are everywhere. You just do not realize it. If you are in the closest about your love for she-cock, do not worry, your secret is safe with me. Of course, you will have to give up your mouth and ass!

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