Adult Phone Chat Incest Mommy

adult phone chatBeing an adult phone chat incest mommy is a lot of responsibility! First of all I have my sweet sissy men who need some dress up play. Pretty billowy yellow and blue sundresses and sexy slutty nylon pantie’s are the most requested. (I see you my sissy Mikayla.) Sissies like this need nurturing sissy training from a mommy who isn’t afraid of Having a sissy affair with her own son. Now It does include eating mommy Isabella’s Cream pie and being passed around to my boyfriends and my friends boyfriends to have that sissy pussy fucked.

Then there is the cheating mommy side of me. Getting caught by my son as a BBC is leaving the house after I have been fucked senseless. My son black mails me into fucking him and taking over as the daddy of my house. If His father has a decent dick mommy wouldn’t have had to be suck a big black cock whore any ways.


My voice and life is your jackoff porn. 


Now lets talk incest from a backwoods family fucking princess. I always save the best for last! My own father used me and my body as a replacement for my own mother who ran off when I was a little girl. He became, (or was he already) a p-man who loved to have his daughter in his bed. It was not long after I became a “woman” that my big brother started using me as well. My ass was my brother’s first penetration. Daddy found out and was so mad. But they began trading me and when I became pregnant they both knew something had to be done. What was done was I was auctioned off to a wealthy man who had a tiny dick. I moved out of poverty and lost my family cock for a while. Trust it didn’t take long for me to be cheating with my brother and my own father.

I believe in inbreeding, incest from a young age and having a big cock fuck me! So if you need a sensual naughty woman, you know where I am.

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