Adult Phone Chat Grandmas Enjoy Your Ageplay Fantasies

adult phone chatAdult phone chat women let you explore all your taboo fantasies. I specialize in family fun and age play fantasies. But I have zero limits. I am a taboo mommy and granny. Let me share a story with you so you understand that I am really no taboos. My youngest grandson and my oldest granddaughter are siblings. And they came over last night to enjoy some quality family time with me.

They love their sexy granny. And I love them to the moon and back. But as teenagers, their hormones run amuck. So, grandma helps them out. I provide an outlet for them. As my grandson fucked my pussy, I ate his sister’s bald cunt. Her pussy looks like a clam. It is perfectly shaped like one and smooth too. This sexy milf and gilf, plunged her tongue deep inside that pretty bald hole.

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My girl’s cunnie resembles a ripe peach or watermelon. Soft, wet, pink and juicy. I can get drunk on her girl juice. The harder her brother fucked me, the deeper my tongue went inside her bald mound. When my grandson came in my pussy, his sister wanted to clean up my cream pie. She, just like all my granddaughters, loves cleaning up my messy holes. And I never mind. Once she had a mouth full of her brother’s jizz, we snowballed it.

We all love cum in this family, especially each other’s cum. I spent the night taking care of young cock and bald pussy. But that is a regular night in a family fucking family like mine. Are you jealous? Don’t be. My stories of incest serve you better than jackoff porn. I will get your cock so hard telling you all about my dirty family fun. You will think you were an honorary member of my family.

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