Adult Phone Chat Freak

adult phone chatAdult phone chat and cocaine are two of my favorite things. So, every time I talk dirty, I get high. I mean that is the way to make me a better nasty freak. I was talking to this guy last night. I was higher than a kite on coke and acid. I was too high to be working, but I am a seasoned party whore and I did it. This caller was partying too. He wanted me to fist my cunt. Without lube or a concern, I shoved my fist up my own cunt.  I moaned and grunted because it hurt like shit, just less so because I was fucked up. He couldn’t believe I did it but when I am high, my freak flag flies higher. I made my self cum many times from fisting my own cunt. After a few more lines of coke, I was fisting my ass on command too. I love to be your party freak, even if I can’t walk right the next day.

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