Adult Phone Chat For Sugar Daddies

adult phone chat

Hi there, sugar daddies! Are you ready for some adult phone chat with your favorite little sugar baby? You know you can have anything you want when you pay up, so what’s it gonna be today, daddy? What kind of depraved things do you want me to do for you that your wife flat out refuses to do? Not only do I enjoy taking your hard-earned money, but I also enjoy knowing that I’m really sticking it to your prude wife. Bitches like her who will only fuck their husband’s missionary style, if at all, really deserve to get cheated on.

Do you want to do something as simple as butt fuck me? She’ll never let you put it in her ass, will she? And I bet she certainly wouldn’t climb on and ride that dick with her asshole like I will! Fuck me hard and rough – don’t worry, I can definitely take it. And when you shoot your juicy load in my asshole, you can put your cock out and put it in my mouth for me to clean the cum and my ass juices off. That’s literally just the beginning of what I’ll do for you.

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