Adult Phone Chat for Incest

adult phone chatAdult phone chat should always be no taboos and no limits. I am always shocked when callers ask me if we can discuss incest. That’s what I am here for. I want to be your family desires therapist.  Some women in this business won’t discuss incest. Send them my way is what I say. I am comfortable talking about family desires, even if it involves extreme age play. I am almost 60. I have been engaged in incest for decades. I started out as a school girl seducing my brother and my uncle. With my brother I was just sexually curious. He had a huge cock and I wanted it. He was always stroking it, so why couldn’t I have some fun with it too? My uncle I seduced because he had money and my parents were poor. I had big breasts as a teen girl and my uncle noticed my high school DDs. I used that to my advantage to get designer jeans, Nike tennis shoes and albums. He loved spoiling me almost as much as he loved fucking me. When I got married and started having my own little ones, I discovered that my sons made better lovers than my husband. They wanted to fuck their mommy. Their dicks were always hard, and they came a ton. Teen boys never have dick issues. My sons are grown up now with sons and daughters of their own. I’m into my third generation of family fucking. I have several grand angels who are happy to learn the birds and the bees from their sexy granny. I love teaching them how to please this dirty grandma too. Boys at a certain age take great direction regarding where to touch and how to touch. You see, I am a family fuck slut. I will never say no to your desired to talk about incest. Sexy mommas like me love incest.

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