Adult Phone Chat for Dark Desires

adult phone chatAdult phone chat sluts can be evil bitches too. I am a case in point. I am not a GFE. I am not your whore. I am your accomplice, or you are my bitch. If you call me and think I am your bitch, you will be sorry. I do not care that you are paying. I do not care if you have a big dick. I do not care if you are rich and handsome. Fuck calls are not my thing. Well, fucking me is not my thing. Fucking some small tender age victim, well, now we are talking. I am a sick bitch. I am not married. I do not have brats.  I hate ankle biters. My hatred for these soul sucking, germ spreading fuck trophies bodes well for you because I will bring you one to explore your rape fantasies with and I will dispose of her body afterwards. The world needs less brats. I am population control.  Do you have rape fantasies for tender age flesh? You name the girl or the boy if that is your thing and I will deliver him or her to your cock. Now do not mistake her for me because if you try to slip me your dick, I will cut it off. Trust me. If I want to fuck you, you will know. So, keep your hands and your dick off me and fuck what I bring you. If I can hand over a young brat to his or her death, just imagine what I can do to you.

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