Adult phone chat fantasies on Thanksgiving

adult phone chatMy Thanksgiving was one that you would probably think about when you have adult phone chat. I was a tease to an older man. My Dad’s work colleague was invited over. I wasn’t going to behave. I have dreamed about his daddy dick since I could remember. My parents would always welcome him and his wife over to our vacations and family plans. I grew up with the biggest crush on him, and I finally acted on it on Thanksgiving. I was in charge of placing the table. I set it up so Mr. Rich could be next to me. I wore a tight dress with no panties, and while we were awaiting our Thanksgiving dinner, I grabbed his hand and guided him in my pussy. There were a full house and a full table. I had no filter I was going to let this grown man finger fuck me. I could see him turn beet red, but I was not going to stop enticing him. Mr. Rich kept trying to be polite and was pulling away, but I wasn’t going to have that. I checked his cock under the table, and it was rock hard. I gave him a signal to meet me upstairs. I waited a bit, and then I finally saw him. I whispered what the hell took him so long? He told me he was trying hard to hide his boner. Luckily we were finally alone but had limited time. I let him have a quick fuck with me and promised him my twat whenever he deemed necessary.

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