Adult Phone Chat Cheating Wife

adult phone chatI’m an adult phone chat whore. Not only does my hubby not know about my side gig as a dirty phone sex operator, but he does also not know that I am fucking our sons too. I’m a bored housewife in my sexual prime with a hubby who is never home. Plus, he is much older than me and that means his dick rarely works anymore. His assistant stopped by the other day with some paperwork to be signed. I was horny. My fingers likely smelled of pussy because I had been masturbating all morning. I have needs that are going unmet. I took one look at the bulge in his assistant’s pants and fell to my knees. Unzipped his pants, and I devoured his cock. It was nice to have a cock that barely fit in my mouth instead of one that felt like I was swallowing a wet noodle.  He was moaning and thrusting his cock with force in my mouth making me gag. I love to gag.  Apparently, he had never experienced a blow job from a sexy milf before, let alone the boss’s slut wife. I told him I fuck every assistant my husband hires. I sometimes wonder if he hires them with me in mind. I pushed him down on the couch and slid my pussy on his cock. I clenched down so hard on his cock, that I gave my pussy muscles a workout. Guess my married cunt was greedy for some young working cock. He grabbed my legs, spread me wide and trusted in and out of my cunt until his balls slapped against my ass making a loud smacking noise. I rubbed my clit as he fucked me. In no time I had one hot squirting pussy. Thank God I had the couch scotch guarded, because between his load of cum, and my dripping cunt, that couch would have had an enormous wet stain not easy to clean up. I am really going to enjoy my husband’s newest assistant. I always do. I am sexy slut.

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