Adult Phone Chat Can Happen Anywhere, Anytime with Me

adult phone chatAdult phone chat ladies help you explore your sensual fantasies for just about anything. As a mature woman, I cater to mostly men with mom fantasies. But I love a variety of things too like age play family scenarios and a slew of MILF fantasies like slut wife. As a former porn star, I know how to fuck. I got trained early in life. Although, I am a soccer mom and phone whore mostly these days, guys still recognize me from time to time.

With it being back to school season, I took all my school age boys and girls to the doctor’s office last week. They all needed various shots and checkups and physicals to play for certain teams. Even my cheerleader teen daughter needed a physical to stay on the squad. The doctor’s office was the last place I thought I would be recognized. And by the doctor. Who knew the sexy DILF working with the younger generation would be a fanboy.

A Former Porn Star Can Fuck Anywhere

I worked it to my advantage. A sexy milf with a reputation like mine should be able get whatever she needs or wants anytime and anywhere. Even in a doctor’s office. I need to save money with inflation, so I told the sexy doctor I would give him my porn star package if he could waive the office copay for each brat I brought in that day. Five hundred dollars may not seem like much, but every bit helps, right?

I thought perhaps he would wait until we left his office, but no. He did not care that I had a ton of rugrats in tow. His practice, his rules, I guess. A nurse took my brood to the play area, and I took the doctor for a ride on the exam table. Not often I get to fuck a hot doctor in his office. Actually, never happened before. He came quickly inside my pussy.

He told me I was better than jackoff porn. I gave him my number. Perhaps when he has more quality time we can hook up for something we can both enjoy, LOL

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