Adult Phone Chat Babysitter Tales

adult phone chatAdult phone chat sluts like me are full of dirty stories. My oldest grandson has a crush on the babysitter. He is too old for a sitter, but when I am watching his cousins, I need help so I can run errands. I hired a cute coed who needed some extra money for the summer. She spent a few days with them while I was out of town. I came home and found that my grandson had stolen a few of her items. I caught him smelling and jacking off with her dirty pantyhose and panties that he stole from her while she was here. I was not worried he may be a sissy. He wanted to smell her cunt. I told Jillian about it when she came over to get the things she left behind. She assured me happens often with boys his age. She said all the boys she babysits for steal her soiled undergarments. They do it to smell her teen pussy. I wanted to smell it too and she knew it. She spread her legs for me and I went down on her. I am a great cunt licker. I love eating teen pussy as much as I love fucking teen cock.  My teen grandson busted me eating her cunt and got jealous. I told her I would pay her if she fucked him. She prefers older men, daddy types. The price was right, and she fucked my grandson. I fucked her too and she fucked me. It was a babysitter orgy. It was the first time I shared my teen grandson with someone not related to me. He was in heaven and that was my goal. I wanted to make him happy. I wanted to give him a hot memory. It was a hot memory for me too.

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