Adult Phone Chat and Cuckold Therapy

adult phone chatAdult phone chat with me is likely not what you would expect. I am a mature woman. I do not really do the mommy thing. I can, but my specialty is cuckold therapy. I like to shame little dicks. I am highly selective of who I fuck. I want a young stud with stamina. I want a big cock. And I want a real man. The rest of you are just here for my amusement. Nothing else. When Peter hit on me at a club last night, I knew he was not my type. He was neither young nor hung. I could see that he was clearly older than me. Most men my age does not show me any interest, but I could tell Peter had no grasp on reality. He thought a woman my age alone in a bar was desperate. I am never desperate. He would not leave me alone. He was not tall, and he had small hands, so it was a safe guess that he had a small dick too. When he would not stop hounding me, I led him to the bathroom and had him show me his dick. I laughed for what felt like an eternity because he was even smaller than I imagined. I left him with his pants down in the lady’s bathroom, and some more girls came in and laughed at him too. I could hear them cackling as walked away from the bathroom. I went back to the bar and took the young bartender home. He was young and hung and exactly what I was looking for.

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