Adult Phone Chat

Adult Phone ChatI woke up today hornier than I think I have been in a long time. I got washed up and started trolling the trailer park for cock to fuck. I went around and all the men were busy with their wives or not at home. I could not even find a furry friend that was outside to fuck. Can you believe that fucking shit. I mean my pussy was so fuciking wet my thighs were sticky. I started walking up on of the trails that was a bit past the all the trailers. And came across a nice fat stick just leaning up against a tree. Like it was sent from heaven above. I thought about it for about 2 seconds before I started to walk over to the stick. I grabbed it and felt how nice a rigged it felt. I knew this was gonna feel good. I stripped off my panties and slid my soaking wet pussy down on the stick. Moaning so loudly. The ends sticking off the stick rubbing me good on the inside. I pushed down as far as I could on this stick. The wood breaking off inside. Grinding my G-spot on the edge of the stick. Humping up and down. I felt like a dog bitch in heat I could not stop fucking this stick. I wanted to fuck it harder and quicker. The wood breaking off felt so good moving around in my cunt making my squirts that much more intense. This stick felt fucking amazing. I never knew a stick could bring such pleasure to a loose fucking whore like me. But it did. When I was done fucking that fat juicy stick. I brought it home with me. I for sure found my new favorite toy. I think I am going to make a Jackoff porn the next time I decide to fuck this stick.

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