Adult phone chat

adult phone chat

I’m a pleaser at heart, I can’t help it. I am a rather stupid bitch and everyone who knows me knows that is true. I was always taught that girls get attention for acting stupid and playing dumb. Well I think that was the best advice I ever got! I get the guys that always want to teach a little pathetic slutty whore like myself a lesson.

I was at the store today trying on dresses for a work party. Everyone knows I’m a stupid phone whore so my only hope is my looks. As I’m looking in the mirror I noticed the eyes of a man is glued on me. He has a serious glazed over look and he is grinding his teeth. As I close the dressing room door I hear someone knock. I open the door only to find the man that was looking at me push me in and closes the door behind him.

He puts his hand over my mouth and tells me not to make a sound or else. He slaps me across my face and tells me to get on my knees. He makes me open my mouth. He slaps me across the face with his dick and then pisses right into my mouth. He tells me he wants me to choke on his cock as he fists my pathetic cunt hole. He is going to hurt me I beg him to please not hurt me but right when I whisper that his cock grows super hard and big. What kind of mean things does this man have planned for me.



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