Adult Phone Chat

Adult Phone Chat One of my regular callers to my Adult Phone Chat line is a huge six foot three-inch sexy black man. About a year ago we started hooking up in real time. He has something new and wild up his sleeve for us to do when we meet. The last time we hooked up it was in the back of a movie theater. A few weeks ago he brought along his furry friend for me to get fucked by. Always something new and exciting with him. He loves taboos and so do I! This week when we hooked up he gave me directions to his house. This is unusual we never have met at each others house. I had all these kinky ideas racing in my head I had no idea what we were going to do. When I pulled up to the front of his house I texted him to let him know I was here. He texted him back tell me to come around to the back door it is unlocked and make my way down the basement stairs. Right away I could feel a rush of wetness in between my cunt lips. I got a tingle up my back walking down the basement stairs. I could see a light on in the distant room all the way at the end. I could hear noises but make out no words. I got to the door of that room and opened the door. There was my kinky client with a small wee one and what looks like to be a room full of torture fun toys. The wee girl was naked. I could see she was scared and had been crying. I was so fucking turned on by this latest kink! I did not know he had it in him. I was ready to tear into this little wee one’s sweet tight body. When I looked up I saw the cameras and they were recording. This wee one, my kinky client, and I will enjoy making this Jackoff porn.

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