Addicted To My Adult Phone Chat

Adult Phone Chat

I’m an educated school slut, which is why when we have an adult phone chat, you never forget me. I’m a Nympho nineteen year old nursing student who was raised a Navy brat. That means not only am I physically fit enough to trapeze my soaking wet teen pussy around the bedroom with experience and poise, but I was raised by the type of men I love to fuck; mature, experienced, hard men who know what they want, and take it when they choose to.
Getting my pretty pussy lapped up by silver haired foxes is my favorite past time, besides microbiology. Their tongues just caress the fuck out of my sweet slit and clit; they make me cum so fast, and so hard I almost always squirt for them!
I know a lot of older men sometimes need a pill or some jackoff porn to get them ready for me, and that’s okay too! I love watching some hot fucking videos, and helping you stroke your cock. I’ll keep your attention after that. I’m an addiction that you just can’t get enough of.
I’m lonely, and looking for a date. I’m thinking we skip dinner, and just chat over drinks while I stroke your thick cock under the table. When I drop my napkin, and duck down to retrieve it, you can be sure I’ve a surprise for you. My mouth is a fine fuck hole, wet and hungry, and ready to swallow you. If you think you can keep up with my vivacious fucking appetite, I think you could use a little Summer time.

Jackoff Porn

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