A Work In Progress

adult phone chat gingerHe is laying back on my couch, eyes closed. I can see his body relaxing as I continue to talk to him in a quiet, calm and soothing voice. As he tells me about his desires and how hard they are to fight I can see his dick getting harder in his pants. his wife won’t give him oral sex. She says he is to big, it’s not natural, she can’t fathom putting “that” in her mouth….He doesn’t want to cheat but he is starting to resent her for not sucking his cock. And to make matters worse he loves to eat pussy and she won’t let him do that either. He loves her, it’s true, but he can’t live without oral sex. Smiling I continue to talk to him as I get up from behind my desk and approach him. I slip out of my wet panties and place them on his face, he barely flinches as he inhales the sweet aroma of warm, fresh pussy juice. His dick is fully erect now. I free it from the restraints of his pants and slide it into my mouth. I feel him pulling my pussy to his face as he pushes deeper into my mouth. He is a work in progress that needs sweet release.

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