I’m not your everyday grandma

adult phone chatI’m not your everyday grandma… I am SO much more than that. I am the grandma that loves to be nasty and naughty! With not only my little grand brats but my sons and daughters too! I am a dirty Mommy as much as I am a dirty fucking grandma. I play with them almost as much as I play with the little grandbrats. Family fun never gets old and I never could stop giving them the attention they deserve! Kisses and licks, fucking and rubbing…I do it all with each and every one of my babies! They are as hot as I am, kinky as me – they were raised right after all! Their cunts come wet and ready and their cocks come covered in precum all for Mommy to lick clean. Mmm my favorite taste is my own fucking offspring. Right in my mouth for me to lick, slurp and enjoy…EVERY second of it. That’s just how this naughty family rolls!

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