I Make Boys Chubby Chasers

adult phone chat glendaHave you ever fucked a sexy BBW? Trust me, you don’t know what you are missing if you have not taken a ride on the chubby train. Some guys at the mall started singing that “It’s All About That Bass.” I had a feeling that had never banged a chubby cutie before. They followed me around the mall for an hour or so like lost puppy dogs. I just turned around and flashed them my big tits. Their jaws fell open. I couldn’t leave my shirt up for long as we were in a public place, but I did tell them to meet me in the family bathroom on the second level in 30 minutes. They were punctual. Wood in their jeans.  I ordered them to show me their cocks. “I’m a big girl, boys, I need something I can feel,” I quipped. I was impressed. They all had over 7 inches. They were just schools boys to find out and virgins, but I let them train me in the mall bathroom. Four young hard cocks rode my hot fat ass, filled me up with a ton of cum. I never finished my shopping , but I made 4 boys men. And bonus, I made them chubby lovers too.

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