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I am not much of a fan of any team during play offs but I do like to celebrate like everyone else. Some like to tailgate and get drunk off of beer and full of hot dogs. I am all down with getting full of hot dogs but I’m not talking about the hot dogs that you put in water and boil or grill. I’m talking about the long sausages that are hard as rocks that fill up every single one of my filthy holes. So sure you might find me tailgating but with a motive of trying to get stuffed full of cocks. I wanna see how many I can shove in my throat and fuck them all at one time while they rub up against each other playing light savors.

So needless to say I am not for any one specific team. I am a team player! I’ll celebrate with anyone and when the other team loses don’t even worry I’ll be there to comfort you to! I’ll been over and let you slam my ass and pussy with your rock solid cock. It can be a hole to pound for redemption. Please don’t take it easy on me, I am a nasty whore that I assure you can take it anyway you want to let me have it. Want a preview of me fisting my pussy? Want to tip me a few extra bucks? Want to make sure I can handle cock after cock? Step right up I will be the fuck toy for celebration or something that will console your cock. Go team go!

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