Three Times the Fun


Jackoff porn

As Wilson threw me on the bed, he started ripping my clothes off with the force of a beast. All I could think about was how I wanted to be stuffed with his huge cock and cream pied in my face after he fucked me to pieces. I climbed on top of my beastly lover and started riding his hard cockrod. One big fat cock was ramming in my cunt while I grabbed the other guy who walked in by his already rock solid hard cock and started sucking and slurping it. I began to spit on my hand and started to lubricate my tight pussy. I was sucking and jacking the second guy off so fucking good that he sprayed my throat. Another horny fucker came at me and began slapping his dick on my face rough as fuck. He shoved his huge killer cock in my already full mouth, making me choke and gag. These guys were grabbing me different ways wanting me to suck their hard cocks. I must say I was good sucking on their balls while jacking them off. Cream was everywhere on my chest, and my face and I didn’t care because this was what I wanted. I was so fucking wet from all the grabbing of my neck to make sure I swallow their dicks one after the other. I slobbered and licked and spat on the tips as they grabbed my titties and slapped my ass. The guy at the bottom nutted in me, but I wanted more as I was sucking the two guys so fast I got them both to nut in my mouth. It was so much nut some came out my nose. It was pure satisfaction.

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