Adult Phone Chat Mistress

adult phone chatSometimes you just get so turned on that you need a little adult phone chat. I get it. There might be fantasies you have that your prudish wife just refuses to indulge in. That’s what you cum to me for right, baby? I’m not the kind of woman who says no to anything sexual, so no matter what turns you on, we can talk about it. We can do a role play. We can do anything you want. Especially if you are into incest fantasies. I have been fucking my family members for as long as I can remember. 

I know it’s taboo, but I don’t really give a fuck and I bet you don’t either. I love all kinds of taboo things that other women would clutch their pearls if you asked them to partake in. But with me, your wish is my command and I’ll make sure you get exactly what you need to get your cock off. Why aren’t you on the phone yet? The sooner you call me, the sooner I can make all of those dirty dreams of yours come true, baby! Let’s take a long, dirty walk on the wild side together.



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Adult Phone Chat with Georgia

Adult Phone Chat

Your adult phone chat girl is a little bit of a curious but dumb whore! I am here to tell you the story of how slutty I can be when I am taken by a scary-looking man who wants me for my naughty pussy! So, I was making my way home from the club with the girl. I wore a short ruffled skirt, cowgirl boots, and a cow print crop top! On my way to my car, I dropped my keys in the dark. It was way past two am when I bent down to grab them. When I did I felt someone’s hands grab my hips and throw me over their shoulder! My bare ass was in the wind when he threw me into his trunk with quick reflexes and slammed it down! When I woke up he dragged me into his dark home that smelled of cigarettes and I could feel him pumping his cock in and out of my naked cunt. He took off my clothes while I was asleep and was using my body! I couldn’t help it and moaned as he fucked me! I moaned while he fucked me in my sleep. I could feel myself wanting to come! I wanted to come all around his thick, hard, and big cock. He told me to let go and I let myself squirt all over him. When I came down from that high, I realized he had a knife to my throat! I let him finish inside of me, afraid he would cut me but when he was done, he took that knife down to my stomach and made some small, little cuts. This is when I realized I was bound by my wrists and I was not going anywhere! What am I going to do now? What is he going to do to me?

Adult Phone Chat Slut Georgia

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adult phone chat turns me into a freak

adult phone chat

Adult phone chat turns me into a freak. I’m ready to fuck. My pussy is throbbing and getting wetter by the second. Whenever I get rammed, you know I want to be rammed some more. My pussyhole was made to fuck and breed. I’m so ready to be a hot milf. My brats will make me money, and I will live the life of riches fucking and doing some blow here and there. I know I sound like a total fuck up, but it is the life I want.

It will be quite the ride getting the ability to have fun being a slut and showing off my pretty wet pussy. It’s like I will end up fucking till my body can no longer hand it.

I’m such a nasty fuck slut that I want to be a bukake slut. It makes my asshole pucker whenever I have fun with a guy who knows how to fuck me and hit my G-spot. My orgasms make me want to curl my toes with satisfaction and pleasure. Not anyone can do that to me. It takes something exceptional to have fun with me.


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Adult Phone Chat for Sick Fantasies

adult phone chat

Adult phone chat with me is not your typical moaning and “oh baby baby,” kind of call. I do not do the GFE thing. I am a sadistic bitch with dark desires. I cater to men’s desires to hurt and fuck women. Not me of course. I would never allow a man to hurt me. Only stupid fucks try to make me their victim because I always carry a big knife. I am a fan of knives versus guns. They require more skill than guns. I am the girl you call when you want to hurt a bitch for cock teasing you or cheating on your or whatever reason. I do not judge. I will kill a person for looking at me funny. So, your dark fantasies for some little bitch are no problem for me. Most of my calls are like revenge oriented. Some cheating whore or high school mean girl who made his life hell. I plot her death for him, and he is my accomplice. I usually go darker than a caller ever expects. I love violence. Blood and gore, pain and punishment, death and destruction are among my favorite things. I am not the woman you call for the girlfriend experience or because you need a virtual blowjob. I am the girl you call when you have murderous impulses you cannot control.

Taboo Bitch Venus

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Adult Phone Chat Slut Charlotte

Adult Phone ChatI love adult phone chat! It lets me experience moments just like this! I went to summer camp his year and it just started and they all know me, my name, and how I am the best slut to be played with. Even camp counselors like to stare at my perky and pretty tits.

I wore my shortest tennis skirt with high knees socks and white air forces. My top ended just below my tits and the boys could not stop staring. They loved me so much that I got my own room and I let anyone in! The first was a boy named Adam. I told him to punish me like I was his naughty Eve! He ripped off my pink tennis skirt with one white stripe around the rim and bent me over his lap.

I felt his finder push my panties to the side and he slit to fingers into me. he wrap a leg behind my back and pressed my face into the floor with the bottom of his boot. This made my pussy wetter than before and he could tell. “You like that baby? Do you like humiliation you little slut?” He asked me, I whimpered and told him yes.

He called in his friends and they walked in cocks in hand. They watched as he began spanking my exposed ass. I moaned at every slap against my bare ass. One of those big cocks walked up to me and Adam pulled me back up to suck on this dick. He put me onto my hands and knees on the floor and spread my ass!

I felt my cunt hole being penetrated but his thick cock, I moaned for them all and he pushed deeper and deeper. He got in his ten-inch cock and fucked me for them all to see!


Adult Phone Chat Slut Harmony

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Adult Phone Chat for BBW Lovers

There’s a certain allure of Adult Phone Chat calls that make my fat pussy juicy and wet. Often times a BBW slut like me will be the best phone fuck most men experience driving them to fuck us for real. My desire is for big cocks only.

With the kind of body like mine I have no time for a short dick. I’m plump, juicy and full of curves. That dick disappearing completely between my tits makes me laugh and will not make me wet nor horny. Show me that cock can poke out between these bodacious titties and I will show you the best fucking time. I may be small in stature and curvy as fuck, but this short curvy bbw slut is flexible and fuckable.

Every time we get together your cock is going to throb and bulge for me. We cannot deny the sexual energy between us and we must act on it! Just call me and we can have the hottest phone sex to start. I will slip my fingers inside my wet snatch as you stroke off for me.

The desire to cum for you and with you is immense.

Adult Phone Chat

BBW GFE Sextress Shelly

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Adult Phone Chat Mommy

adult phone chat

Sometimes you just need to have a little adult phone chat. No, I’m not talking about calling one of your buddies when you’re stressed out about having to deal with the brats and your wife. I’m talking about calling up a dirty whore like me and letting me give you the best orgasm you’ve had in a very long time…maybe ever. I’m not a prude like your wife and I’ve been using my hot body since I was a teen to please men. I don’t see that stopping anytime soon because I’m having way too much fun doing it.

So now that we have gotten that out of the way, tell me what kinds of things you desire. Do you have fantasies that your wife just won’t indulge in? That’s what sluts like me are here for. Maybe there’s an incest fantasy you have but you’ve never told anyone. You know that’s what I love most, so call me up and tell me everything. No matter what you’re into, I promise you’re going to be satisfied in ways you never thought possible. All that’s left is for you to decide what you need tonight.



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adult phone chat princess slut

Adult Phone Chatl


Adult phone chat princess slut will have you wanting to leave your wife. I got my new lover all hot and bothered that he needed me so much. I’m like a drug. Once you get a taste, you need to get more. I’m coming in hot and ready to make you leave behind your life as a husband and father. You will be devoted to me and buy me all that I want. I’m going to seduce you with blowjobs and handjobs and my tight teen holes. Before you know it, your world will be like a snow globe. I’m going to turn your life upside down. You will see that I will own your every single thought. Nothing will matter but my needs. It will be so hot for you to shower me with gifts while you end up not giving a cent to your family. You want a hot young girlfriend, huh??? well, now it’s time to pay up. You’re surely not going to have me for free. Once I drain you of all I want, I will give you the finger and keep it going.


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Adult Phone Chat Incest Addict!

Adult Phone Chat

Brother fucking is all I can think about when I play with my wet little cunny all night long! I’ve always been close to my big brother but not too many people know that I love him in a deeper way than most sisters love their brothers. You see my brother is my favorite person to fuck and when he isn’t around to pound my tight wet pussy, I crave his cock all the time. No one can fill my cunt the way he does but that doesn’t stop me from trying every cock available. I try so hard to cum and feel completely finished but I know if it’s not my brothers cock I’ll only be temporarily satisfied. I’m addicted to brother cock and the only way I can feel complete is when he is using me as his own personal sister pussy cock sleeve!


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Adult Phone Chat Therapy

adult phone chat

Adult phone chat therapists can help you with all your kinks and fetishes. I love exploring a bunch of different things with men, but my specialty is cuckolding. I was married before I went to grad school for psychology. I was young and naïve. I married for love not pleasure. I assumed that if I was in love, the sex would be great. I sat there counting ceiling tiles for years never having an orgasm. A chance encounter with a hung guy and I was a slut wife getting all the big cock she wanted. Now, I am a bit different. I am no longer married, and I do not fuck a man with less than 8-inches between his legs. I will likely never marry again unless my husband to be agrees to be my cuckold. In my therapy sessions, I help men become cuckolds. I help their women get what they need which is way bigger cock than their husbands. I love seeing couples. I can help a man realize he has an underwhelming cock, and I can help his wife understand that size matters to her sexual pleasure.  Women get older and their sexual pleasure matters more. That is why I am here. To turn their men into cuckolds who want their women to have intense sexual pleasure.

Phone Sex Therapist Farah

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