Slutty Adult Phone Chat

adult phone chat

Hey, it’s your girl Silvia and I am so horny and ready to have some adult phone chat with you. You know I’m always up to no good down at the truck stop and boy do I have a story to tell you today. Over the weekend it was Roy’s birthday, and I wanted to make sure that he had a very special night. Some of the girls who frequent the other truck stop in town came over and we made sure to show him a really good time. He thought he was just getting me but when I showed up with the other two girls, I saw a bulge grow in his jeans immediately.

I’m not gonna tell you everything that happened here but let’s just say that there was a lot of ass fucking going on that night – our butts and his! He was apprehensive about it, but when he left he told me to make sure to never forget to bring my strap on cock with me ever again. Do you have strap on fantasies? Call me and we can work on making those fantasies a reality. I will be waiting for you. Don’t forget the lube!


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Adult phone chat makes daddy horny

Adult Phone Chat

When I first started fucking my dad, it was because I got curious. I wanted to know about porn, and I knew daddy loved to have adult phone chat and would phone bone different women. I grew up with daddy being super sexual and was well aware of all his habits from porn addiction and partying ways. Daddy was a complete sex addict, and I have to say I took a lot from him. We are very much alike. So when I got caught playing with my pussy I urged daddy to teach me why I got that need to rub my cunt.

He was initially anxious about fucking with my little head, but then he got the push he needed. All it took was some porn bingeing and me rocking my little bikini. Daddy told me he didn’t want to cross the line, but once he got high and watched some porn and I was home alone with him rocking the hottest teeny bikini, he wanted to show me all about fucking.


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Adult phone chat mistress Remi

adult phone chat

My, my what a pretty little slut you are! Mistress Remi, the adult phone chat trainer is ready to doll you up and dick you down! My big, glittery purple strap-on is all lubed up and ready to go. Forget about your frilly panties. It’s easier without them, for me to lift your short, skirt and slide this big fuck stick deep into your sweet, tight pussy hole! I love how those 6 inch high heels make your sexy ass look! I’m going to make you scream like a little bitch while I slam you and gape your asshole. Your mascara and hooker red lipstick is going to be smeared and running all over your slut face while you gag and slobber on my cock. Lick it clean! Don’t make a mess on that pretty dress I loaned you or I’m gonna turn you over to my brother and all of his friends. They would love to share a sissy slut like you. You just think I treated you like a whore, wait till you see what they planned for that sweet ass.



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Jackoff Porn Star Cum Junky

Jackoff Porn star BJ is a cum junky slut. I take advantage of things as I feel the need to, and your cock needs to be taken for a ride. It’s a shame you are just so damned irresistible. Taking you back to the special VIP room is what I will be doing.

Once we get alone in the velvet room with that black lights and lush Jazz playing. I give a private little dance for you as I shimmy and sway around that cock of yours. I stroke it as my stripper tits wiggle in your face. You want a blowjob don’t you big boy. What? Call you daddy? mmmm Yes Daddy.

The music plays on and I am squatting and stroking you as I show you some of my moves. You get in a daze as the drugs wear in mixed with the whisky. You’re feeling good aren’t you?

As you start to relax I bring in my two body guards. Two big built black men. They take off their robes and are standing in front of you with their large cocks hanging out. Does this make you nervous or does it excite you?

Jackoff porn

Just when he thought he would become an unwilling Anal Sex Whore…


Just as you look at these two hung and large black men stand in front of us naked, you started to fear a little. You had no idea what was about to happen. I laughed and shook my head. Kneeling in front of those two bull dicks I worked my magic. I made sure you could see every part of my mouth sucking these bbc’s.

It was only moments before I was fucking these two big black bull cocks in front of you. I made sure to invite you to watch every bit of that black fuck meat penetrating my Sexy slut holes.

Sexy slut BJ

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BBW Fantasies Adult Phone chat

You don’t want some boring stick-figure skeleton girl, for adult phone chat, now, do you? You want a chubby cum whore princess with delicious curves to squeeze and hold! Even though I’m a younger girl, I’m quite curvy and luscious. Come get lost in my pillowy and soft body parts if you’re tired of all the skinny women. I’m very laid-back and love to have sex with women, guys, and everything in between! Honestly, I don’t have many limits and I’m pretty much a switch. I can be kind of bossy or a sexy submissive slut. My dangerous curves can seduce you and I’ll dominate you as your bratty daughter! For those in the mood to feel powerful, I can submit and become your fat fuck toy! I guess it all depends on what kind of person you are and what you feel like. I am open-minded about a lot of things and I might let you choose! I am either your bratty school girl or your obedient fuck slut. My Taboo Fat Girl Fantasies are so much fun to explore, and I love discussing things that make men go crazy! I enjoy deep dark cum worthy conversations of every kind!adult phone chat


Lets watch Jacoff porn and masterbate together tonight!


It is obvious you love cumming for big ass BBW women! Is that all your cock gets hard for? *Giggle* then cum to me! These big soft pillows of tit that you can get your face or cock lost in for hours, await you! Confess your favorite fetishes with a curvy seductress. Bow down and be cuckolded and humiliated, The choice is yours! Even if your fantasies and/or confession are dark or extreme, I want to hear all about it and tell you and share some of my own very dirty secrets too.

Curvy Catherine

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Adult Phone Chat Girlfriend

adult phone chat

When you guys call me for an adult phone chat, I’m up for any number of different things. But today I would be so happy to get a call from you if you’re looking for a phone sex girlfriend. I’m VERY good at giving you the girlfriend experience. I’m a pretty nurturing woman and I love hearing about your day and how things went for you. I even love hearing about things like what you had for lunch or dinner – I’m quite the foodie. I’m smart, funny, and I know that I can make your world better just by being in it.

However, as much as I love all of the non-sexual parts of being your girlfriend, I always look forward to the sexy parts, too. Do you want to hear about how wet my pussy is by listening to you talk and realizing how fucking smart you are? That really does it for me and you’re sure to get a good romp if you’re intelligent. Or maybe you’re the kind of guy who likes to be tortured with CBT. That turns me on, too. I’m ready for you and it really doesn’t matter what kind of things we talk about – what matters is that we’re going to have a good time.


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Adult Phone Chat Sluts Are Horny

adult phone chatAdult phone chat sluts are easy. Like really easy and we don’t care. For instance, last week I was at a cute little farmers market and just looking at those organic cucumbers got my pussy into all kinds of ways. So, I walked the little booths until I saw a hot ass guy running one all by himself. I bought a bunch of heavy produce from him and asked him if he could help me carry it to my car. Being the gentleman and ever the salesman he followed behind me. We walked and talked, and I flirted a little. He was a bit shy, but I could tell he was liking what he was seeing. I opened the trunk and as he set the stuff in, I took my hand and grabbed his ass. He turned shocked but then I grabbed him and kissed him. I moved my hands to his crotch and rubbed his cock over his pants. It was coming to life and it was large. I didn’t let him speak and kept this shit moving right along. Couldn’t give him a chance to get away. I have one of those bigger SUV’s where the seats lay way back. I guided him in and flipped the switch, laid him on his back and went to work. I can tell you this anyone watching would have been privy to some hot ass jackoff porn, but I will save the details for when you call.


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Adult Phone Chat For Submissives

Adult Phone Chat
I’m primarily a Sissy trainer when it comes to adult phone chat, but I’m not limited to that, sweetie. My sweethearts love my gentle British canter, and the stern way I scold them.

I’ve got a dripping wet cunt, and if you’re lucky, I might even thing about letting you have a little taste. Unlike many Domme’s, I will fuck my sweet submissives. I love cock, no matter how it cums, oh I mean comes. Some of my subs have the best finger fucking skill I’ve ever felt.

These pets make my pussy squirt like a geyser, super soaking them in more Queen cum than they ever imagined they’d get to taste in their lifetimes. Even my small cock boys get a little fun. What kind of owner would I be if I didn’t let my livestock roam the barnyard every once in a while?

Some of those little dick sluts eat cunny better than any man I’ve ever met. They know exactly how Queen Presley loves her clit sucked on, and her pussy fingered deeply until she cums all over her precious boys. I have room for three more to warm my bed and serve me.

Who’ll volunteer’ to worship this cunt?

Queen Presley

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Adult Phone Chat Age Play Fun

adult phone chatAdult phone chat with me can cover any topic. My callers all know I am a no taboos kind of woman. Absolutely nothing is off limits for me. Guys ask me all the time to explore their P fantasies for little boys and girls and I am always game for that. I prefer the taboo desires of men. I am not into vanilla phone sex. Every day, I get a rape fantasy call. Not for me, but for my little ones. I have a big family of little whores and none of them are off limits.  We can do any sort of roleplaying porn scenario with my little ones too. I can be your girlfriend or wife, and help you fuck our sweet angel for the first time. I can be your accomplice whore. We steal a sweet young whore or buy her from a sex trafficker.  The scenarios are endless. You do not need to worry about shocking me. I am into extreme age play. I do not mind it when things get rough either. I will cater to your twisted extreme age play fantasy and not miss a beat. I am a P mom. I am a sexy slut loves taboo fantasies. Do not let my classy appearance fool you. I am as dirty as they come.

Dirty Mom Lilibeth

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Jackoff porn and a whore encounter

Jackoff porn

I have always had a feeling my stepdad was a total creeper. My dirty panties would often go missing. I would also peep huge boners on him while I have been around. Not to mention I have looked at his browser history on a mistake and have seen firsthand all the jackoff porn to stepdaughter video links. I had a feeling he was mesmerized by me and jerking his dick to me. I didn’t mind since he didn’t act on it, and everyone is free to have their own fantasies. Once he crosses the line, that’s a whole other story naturally. 

I didn’t think it would ever come to that, but it’s mostly my fault it did indeed come to that. I began stripping at a place a few cities over a couple times a month. I wanted the money, and I wanted to keep my secret safe. I thought I was safe, well I thought wrong. One day as I took center stage, I noticed a familiar face. My stepdad was in the crowd with the biggest grin on his face.


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