Charlotte Adult Phone Chat Slut

adult phone chat

Adult phone chat sluts can give you the hardest boner and crazy orgasms that explode from your cock. I want to tell you about all of the nasty and dirty things that you and I are gonna do together! I would love to start but us meeting somewhere hot, dark, and discreet, we’re both having the same thing to drink in a bar. It’s full of people and bumping bodies with loud music. Has the distinct smell of cigars and of course alcohol along with aroused pussies. We keep making eye contact which turns me on and my pussy juices drip down my thighs. I’m not wearing any panties underneath my black shirt and I also had a lacy black bralette as a top. I walk to you in my black heels and drag my hands all over your body. It feels so good, doesn’t it? I squeeze your cock through your jeans and pull you into one of the bathroom stalls for you to push me against the stall wall and fuck me against it. My cunt clenches and squirts onto your jeans as I cry out in pleasure.
After I cum, I get down on my knees and suck hard and fast in long strokes. I jerk it off and massage your balls to get you to cover me in your hot loads.
I don’t stop until I’m satisfied with a stomach and ass full of cum. Some of your friends invite themselves inside and suddenly I’m full of cocks. I’m moaning with a dick down my throat and I keep cumming for all of the daddy cocks being shoved inside of me. I’m licking and sucking for hours until I have all of your balls drained completely emptied! Cum in all of these whore holes and have fun with me!

Adult Phone Chat Slut Charlotte

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Adult Phone Chat: Knock Up Mommy

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This mommy gives the best adult phone chat you can find.  As a sexy mommy and milf I play with my offspring and lots of neighbor boys and girls too. I get older and my playmates get younger. It is perfect.  I have no limits or taboos. A caller wanted to do an extra hot taboo role play today.  I could tell he was nervous about his fantasy. I assured him that there was not much I have not done. I am a sex addict. I need cock like I need air. He wanted to knock up mommy. My only regret is I never let any of my boys knock me up. I am past my prime for that at 54, but I love a good role play. In our fantasy mommy role play, I stopped birth control. I told my son I wanted him to fuck me daily to get me pregnant.  I told him he was man of the house now since daddy left. I told him mommy needed another little one. I discussed it with my boy, and he admitted he always wanted to fuck mommy.  It is a healthy and normal desire. Lots of men have impregnation fantasies. My son agreed to knock up mommy. It was a hot mommy son role play. Fantasy or not, putting a bun in mommy’s oven means you are helping to grow the family. You are keeping the legacy going. I told my son giving me another little one means I can groom our little one to be our fuck slut.  I would be lying if I said this was not a sexy role play. I love fantasy phone chat. We can age play and be whomever we want. I love to take care of your taboo role play too. I have no limits. I love being your mommy whore.


Sexy MILF Esmerelda

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Adult Phone Chat Mutual Masturbation’s

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Are you ready for adult phone chat while we masturbate together? Sexy Gwen here to tell you how to jack your cock off with me and I want you to be completely comfortable and relax and have your cock in hand. I have an extensive collection of sex toys. I have vibrators that vibrate at seven different speeds, I have ones that just vibrate this little silk pussy so good. Not to mention I have some beautiful butt plugs that get very deep, every different kind you can imagine. And let’s talk about all those I have dildos ranging from 4 inches small up to almost 12 inches big. You might want to know why I have a four inch dildos? Well baby, that’s so I can visualize these small dicked men who call me!  I need to see them side by side! I like side by side comparisons not just from my own memory but with the dildos it just helps me get more in the mood for small dick humiliation. 


And it’s okay no matter what size dick you have we can still play. 


Even if you don’t have a very big dick we can still masturbate together. Unless you want me to call you names and tell you how pathetic your little tiny penis is? All I know is I’m ready to go my pussy is wet and my fingers can go so deep up inside of me and reach that perfect spot inside my vagina. You know that one inch inside up little button AKA that G (she) spot. I know it very well and  not just on my own body but I’m not a lot of other female bodies too. Are you ready to play with it bisexual bitch who knows how to turn your cock on and please your wife may be better than you do? Come and play with me and listen to my voice for your very own version of jackoff porn. You won’t regret it in fact your cock just might thank you!



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Adult Phone Chat Sluts Are Nasty

adult phone chatWhat are you doing baby? I am laying in my bed rubbing my pussy watching some hot ass jackoff porn. You know the kind. With hot ass girls with big tits and guys with rock hard cocks. I have a special dirty channel I like the best. All anal all the time. I mean all the oil and all those asses. The way they gape almost on demand. The hot ass friend putting her tongue inside the gape and sucking her. The big fat thick cock being pushed inside of her gaped ass as her friend gets beneath him and sucks on his balls. He fills her ass with his warm salty load and the friend is right there with her tongue. Letting every last drop leak from her ass onto her tongue. It is so fucking hot. My pussy is soaking wet baby. I rub my clit wishing I was there. I want my ass to gape and feel your big head slowly teasing me. Pushing in slowly as I gape to take you deeper. I want you all the way in. Feeling you pound my tight ass. Oh, damn baby, a hot adult phone chat with you sounds like what I need to bring myself off.


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Adult Phone Chat White Trash

adult phone chat

Hey all you sexy motherfuckers! I’m here and ready for you to call me for some really wild and crazy adult phone chat. If you’re a freak like me, you were probably getting jiggy with it all weekend, too! Oh my God. I did some things this weekend that even kind of amazed me, and if you know me at all, you know that’s really saying something. I could tell you now but I kinda want it to be a surprise, so you’re gonna have to dial my number to hear about it. It’ll be much more fun to hear what happened in my voice than it would be to read it.

Okay fine. I’ll tell you a little bit of what happened. I was out behind one of the trucks down at the truck stop, and these guys asked if they could have a contest to see what the weirdest or biggest thing they could fit in my cunt would be. And you know that I said yes, of course! I know men are perverts by nature, but you should’ve seen the amount of things there were bringing out just to stretch me open and fill me up with. 


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Adult Phone Chat GFE

Adult Phone Chat
I love doing Adult Phone Chat GFE sessions because I really am a sweet little slut deep down in my bones. Nothing beats getting all dolled up in some very sexy lingerie with the intention to merely please your man. My sweet pussy is always dripping by the time I hit the bedroom when I get dressed up. Thigh high stockings with a sexy diamond garter, crotchless black lace panties and a hot corset to match. I know it turns you on, too! For me, I love to ride a hard cock when I’m dressed like this. I climb up, balance, and give him the show of his life. I always let my tits bounce for his pleasure while I milk his dick with my creamy cunt. I’m talking about getting on top and actually riding, not just a little hip swivel. We’re talking about picking my slim little hips up and slamming them back down so that my sopping wet cunt envelops his cock from tip to balls. I want to make him feel more pleasure than he’s ever had before. I want to remind him I care, and only burden him with my dripping pussy on his face.

Slutty Phone Sex

GFE Anabelle

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Adult Phone Chat For Perverts

adult phone chatYou know what this horny mommy likes? Adult phone chat with horny men like you. I have always loved being a mommy. Taking care of my sweet lovies. Exploring their soft little bodies. Having them suckle on my mommy tits and lick on my tasty mommy pussy. Bury their little faces in between mommy’s ass cheeks and eating my ass. They are such good lovies. I then learned how much the men in my life liked playing with them too and my babies are always eager to please. I love to invite these perverted men into my home and let my little girl and little boy make them feel as good as they make mommy feel.

If you were here, they would take such good care of you. They would work together. Undressing you and then laying you on the bed. My baby’s sweet cunt on top of your face as she rides you and my baby boys’ mouth on your cock and sucking your balls. They never get jealous of each other and will always please you in anyway you feel like. So come on over and let my lovies show you what hot perverted jackoff porn is all about.


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Adult Phone Chat Teen Is Wet

Adult Phone Chat

My pussy was soaking wet, so I emailed my favorite adult phone chat lover and he gave me a call. His sexy voice led me through such a fantasy I couldn’t help but cum several times. In our little fantasy we met up and he took some sexy photos of me to post on my site. But, he started putting his hands in the shot and helping me pose. Before I knew it his fingers were sliding in and out of my soaking wet teenage pussy and I was moaning. His camera was still clicking and flashing away, but I wasn’t thinking of it anymore.

Jackoff Porn

I was so completely turned on by the way his finger tips were drumming against my G spot it was insane. I was completely and totally at his mercy. Soon his tongue replaced his fingers as he drank up all that sweet nectar I’d made just for him. And then came his big fat cock. I was squirting so hard all over him, and screaming his name! I didn’t care who heard me! It took my neighbor banging on the door to bring me back down to planet Earth. And my cunt is still horny!


Sexy Slut Summer

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Adult Phone Chat Mommy


adult phone chatI love adult phone chat. I can talk about anything with guys. I love to talk about incest. I have had family fun since I was a little girl. I grew up fucking my brothers and sisters. I think if I had not been a brother fucker, I may not have been a dirty mommy. But when you grow up thinking incest is normal, you have no qualms playing with little boy dick. I do not have a daughter, but I do have a little niece living with me and she has made life fun. Not that I do not enjoy my mother fuckers. I love fucking my little horn dogs, but my niece has such a sweet pussy. I love eating her pussy. She has a great cunt. It tastes like watermelon. Sweet and sticky. I ate her pussy last night after she came home from a friend’s house. She was hesitant to let me go down on her. She never is, so I knew something was up. Too young to have her period yet. I was thinking maybe she seduced the daddy of her friend. She s such a daddy’s girl. Her father is over seas now, so she does not get to see him much. Sure, enough her little cunnie was swollen and full of cum. Auntie Maryanne made her feel better. I got her to tell me all the dirty details of her dirty daddy time. We ate each other out for hours. I love my boys, but no one eats my mommy pussy better than my little niece.

Incest Whore MaryAnne

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Adult Phone Chat Slut Car Sex Harmony

A fantasy call with adult phone chat can be so much fun when you are taking a hard and hot, heavy cock down your throat! It can be straight to the point or messy but it always has me begging for more! I met up with my boyfriend in his car for our fantasy! We saw our favorite movie, had dinner, and made out all without my panties ever since he made me take them off for him in the middle of the theater! I was dripping wet and had been all while walking and driving to our most dark destination where I would become his total and absolute, sweet cum whore!Adult Phone Chat

He pushed me down onto my knees, I was small enough to fit in between him and the wheel. I could tell he was raging hard by the looks of his pants sticking up in a pretty high tent. I got it out as quick as I could and licked it from bottom to top. I felt my lips get wetter. Both the ones on my face and between my creamy thighs! He tastes so fucking good and once I got that hot cum shot on my face and licking it all up, he threw me into the back seat for some more fun right out in the middle of the woods in his car,

I spread my soft legs and let him explore my wet pussy with his mouth and fingers, making m moan and scream in pleasure, loud enough for all the forest creatures to hear. He licked and licked until I creamed all over his face! He finally shoved his hard dick deep inside of my dripping pussy and gave me the hottest cum load ever! I love those hot loads of seed all over my pretty body!

Adult Phone Chat Slut Harmony

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