Adult phone chat with a pregnant pervert

Adult phone chatAdult phone chat with a super perverted pregnant Mommy is already a lot of fun but with me it is even better and even naughtier! All of my little ones are always so excited and eager to get fucked up by throbbing cock. First I have to feed them my magic titty milk straight from my delicious lactating nipples. They’re rock hard and need to be sucked on and milked! I’m like a leaky faucet and I love giving my youngsters the nutrition that they need to be healthy growing bodies. They get on their sweet knees and open their slutty mouths so that Mommy can squirt my delicious juice right down their parched throats. It’s so much fun to give my little ones the royal treatment that they deserve. We watch our homemade jackoff porn together and I eat their wet cunnys. They taste sooo fuckin good, Mommy can’t stop munching on their baby girl clits. In my opinion it’s never too early, you have to start them young with their sexual antics!

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