Adult Phone Chat Mommies

adult phone chatAdult phone chat mommies are here for you. I work from home and before my phone sex career, I was a stay at home mommy. Social distancing isn’t that hard for me. What is hard for me is being apart from my two oldest sons and my eldest daughter. Sure, I have two teens at home happy to fuck mommy, but a lioness wants all her cubs under one roof. A mommy never forgets her first born babies, not even when she has younger ones under the roof still. I learned of this program that lets you video chat several people at once and I asked my hubby to help me set it up. He hid my IP address and created a fake account and got my older offspring in on a naughty video chat. We were all naked and ready to masturbate together. All my offspring love to jack off for mommy. I bet you do too. My boys had a special treat for me on our video date. They had pairs of my old panties. I mean like panties from the 90s! Panties I had not seen in forever. That is how our incest family lifestyle started. They were stealing my panties and jacking off in them. They would hide them under their mattresses, and I’d find them when I was making their beds. Eventually, they started jacking off in front of me. I fought it for about a year, but as my first marriage tanked, I needed my sons’ hard cocks more and more. I have a boy toy husband now, and two teen fuck trophies, but I still need my older boys and my eldest daughter. We all masturbated on screen for each other last night. My younger ones watched and played too. It is the new way to stay connected, I guess. I hope it is not the only way forever. I need family fucking.

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