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Adult Phone Chat

Adult Phone Chat My brother came over yesterday to fuck the shit out of me. Something we have been doing since we have been wee little ones. We used to play doctor. I was always the patient. Gary examined me checking my eyes, reflexes, and like any good older brother would. He checked the inside of my twat ass and mouth to make sure all was good. He has always brought me pleasure. As we got bigger we played more and more with each others bodies. Exploring more of the sensations that our bodies were making. Now we just fuck for fun on a regular basis. His cock was my first and my favorite still to this day. He helped shape me into the whore I am today. Yesterday when we were getting our freak on. I did not know at first but my son was watching his uncle fuck the shit out of me. I do get loud when I am squirting about. My son soon made his presence known and joined in the fun. Getting my brother and sons cock at once now that is a surprise I can get into. Having them both tag team me. Taking turns depositing their seed deep in me. Individually when they are fucking me they are rough. But together OMG I was getting the abuse twice as hard treating me as if i was a fuck/torture doll. Giggles and I was more than ok with it. Getting all that pleasure and pain for hours. My son says I better to watch than jack off porn, cause with me he does not have to finish himself off. Makes me proud to be in the family that I am in. That we can all come together. Making each other feel good. Keeping it all in the family.

Jackoff Porn – Blowjob Therapy

Jackoff pornI just love sucking dick! I find that great blowjobs are fantastic therapy for any man who’s under a lot of stress, suffering from anxiety, or just needing to blow a load. When I get a man in my office who’s pacing, storming, fuming, venting, ranting, or just generally letting off steam, I know the best way to help him focus his energy and to take his mind off of what has him out of sorts. Typically, I just make sure my door is locked, strip as I’m walking over to him, drop to my knees in front of him, and take his cock straight down my throat. The sensation of my mouth and throat closing over his dick, along with my eyes locking onto his over that sight is an immediate gear-shift. It takes next to no time for him to have his hands in my hair or on the sides of my head, and be ramming his dick into my throat. Blowjob phone sexSometimes, that means my throat is raw the next day, but the feeling of him venting his frustrations, of his body tensing and focusing all its energy and power on my mouth and throat, is so worth it! I especially love when they get me on the chair and slid their cocks down my throat. Whether they fuck my mouth from my tits or my head, they are going to get deep down there, and I’m going to get a fantastic view. But, the best part by far is feeling their body finally release all the energy, power, frustration, angst, and anger straight down my throat with a massive load!

Adult phone chat is something mommy loves to do!

adult phone chatAdult phone chat is something that this mommy definitely loves to do, all you horny men have the best stories! Earlier today I talked to a man named Nathan and let me tell you, he had me so hot that masturbating wasn’t enough! As soon as we hung up I had to go get my son to come lick mommy’s pussy, all that talk about Nathan eating me out was too much, I needed the real thing! My son’s sweet little mouth on my swollen clit was just what I needed,he had me sqirting all over the place in no time. Then it was his turn, his lil dickie was super hard so I gave him some special mommy kisses and sucked that little cock until I got all that little boy milk down my throat, it was a great day!

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Sexy Milf

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