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You’re gonna love adult phone chat with me!

adult phone chatYou are going to love adult phone chat with a pregnant whore like me I just know it! Look at this big round belly and these milk filled tits, you know you want to get all up in that! Come get in this big bed with me baby, you can suck on one of these tits while one of my little ones sucks that rock hard cock of yours. I know that she will get you rock hard and then you can fuck us both! We will both bend over and put out sweet asses up in the air and you can go back and forth between us pounding whatever fuck hole you want! We will take care of you baby I know that you are going to be more satisfied than you have ever been before! We will be whatever you want us to be and it is going to be the best night ever I promise! What do you have to lose?

Big Titty Bitch

jackoff porn

Big Titty bitch is my middle name for jackoff porn! I have two huge titties just waiting for a hot and slippery dick to ram through them! That’s right, Big Titty fucking. There’s nothing I love more than having a man fuck my tits, they’re made specifically for that, and that’s why I enjoy being such a chubby woman. More cushion for the pushing baby! I’ll even open up my fat mouth so that the tip of your cock can slip into my mouth and massage over my tongue as I’m holding my titties together for you. My titties are the perfect bun to your man sausage! So if you’ve already begun to imagine how amazing your cock is gonna feel slipping and sliding between my chubby titties, then give me a call and I’ll make sure you get treated right baby. You can make the decision to shoot your load own my throat, or to paint my titties in your creamy thick cum. Either way I don’t mind… as long as I’m giving you the boob job you deserve big boy.

Adult Phone Chat with a Submissive Whore

adult phone chatAdult phone chat with me is anything you want it to be. I am a submissive whore. I do what I am told. Most of my callers enjoy humiliating me because I am a little long in the tooth. I guess compared to those hot college coeds I am old, but I still can be used and abused and not complain. I love gang bangs and cum, especially. Now, I know I don’t have a say in the matter because you are in charge. You are in control always, but I am just letting you know if you like to degrade an old cum whore, I may be the perfect submissive slut for you. This guy I hooked up with over the weekend decided that I needed to be whored out to his friends. In fact, he owed several of them money for a football bet that didn’t go his way. Instead of money, he offered up me. Those guys swarmed on me like vultures. They saw my big tits and my fat ass and got hard at the suggestion they could do ANYTHING to me. They started slapping my face with their cocks. Some spanked my ass and joked about how it jiggled. Others pissed on me and informed me that I was nothing more than a human trash receptacle. They all enjoyed cumming on me. They circle jerked on my face making me look like one of those Japanese bukkae princesses. Cum was thick on my face. It stung my eyes, but they just laughed. One guy pushed me on the ground with his foot and made me mop up the cum with my tongue. That was just foreplay to them. Their real fun began with my ass. I lost count of how many loads of cum I took up my back door, but when it was all done and over, I know my friend’s debt was settled.

NASTY Jackoff Porn

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I am feeling nasty! Like a nasty freak you see on jackoff porn. How do those girls even get there? On their knees smiling up with a mouthful and faceful of cum just waiting for more and more jizz. Oh wait… I am that girl! Must have been my Daddy issues, because now I just can’t seem to get enough cocks, let alone enough cum! I am always trying to get that attention my Daddy used to give me. I want to make him proud of what his little girl has grown up to be! The biggest fucking stupid piece of shit. I am really such a prostitute fucking whore that I can’t think of anything else I could do with my life but take dick back to back in EVERY HOLE!!! I need to taste that cum, piss, shit puke hey I even take k9 cock down my fucking throat. I know it makes Daddy SO proud! If you think I sound like a nasty little whore, it’s because I am!

I love being your dirty girl!

adult phone chatI just adore being your dirty girl Daddy! I love every little thing about it, from sucking your cock all the way to you fucking all of my tight little teen fuck holes! I want to do anything you like, even if it hurts me cus all I care about is making you happy. You’re the bestest daddy in the whole wide world so I am gonna show you just how much I love being your little girl! I will wait on you hand and and foot and make you feel oh so good. I am the girl of your dreams Daddy, I just know it! We will have so much fun all day long, you will definitely be satisfied by the time I am thru with you!

Taboo Phone Sex Sacrificial Offering

adult phone sexA taboo phone sex sacrificial offering must be made tonight was all Gray knew, and she had just the perfect prey in mind. There was no shortage of unwanted orphans staying at the covenant down the road. This time she decided to try a new approach, she was going to dress as a Nun to abduct her next victim.
This next victim was one she has been eyeing for some time now, whenever recess was going on she would use her binoculars from her upstairs apartment window to watch the unwanted offspring of disillusioned teens. She was only doing society a favor and lessening the burden when she abducted one of these fucking brats for her sacrificial ritual. I bet no one will miss the snuffed out little body of the discarded corpse to be.
What do you think we should do with her?

Teen phone sex whore Makayla

adult phone chatTeen phone sex calling to you? Did you scroll by my photo and think I would look good sucking your cock? Do what you want to my body. I have been a bad girl and I need to be punished. I got caught yesterday stealing. I just wanted to get good grades on my test. My math teacher caught me and I tried everything to get out of trouble. Cried, begged and pleaded. Then I put my hands on his cock and started teasing his thick cock through his pants. He stood there, not pushing me away so I unzipped his pants. Pulled out his big cock and started sucking his dick. He grabbed my pony tail and shoved his cock down my teen whore throat. Gagging on his dick as he violently throat fucked me got my pussy so fucking wet.. I wonder what that says about me..

Naughty Mommy

adult phone chatEvery young boy has that friend whose mommy is hot as hell. All the boys talk about her and how they would fuck the shit out of her if they had the chance. They sleep over every chance they get in hopes of seeing her in something really sexy. They lay in bed at night and jerk off to their fantasies of her towel slipping off as she is walking to her room. Or getting stuck in her bathroom or closet while she is fucking her boyfriend. I know you know exactly what I am talking about. Well I am that naughty mommy and I love teaching all the boys about real fucking. I love to be the first pussy their little mouths have tasted. The first wet hole their little dicks have slid into. Cum let mommy take care of you and your fantasies.

Jackoff Porn 2 Girl Phonesex

jackoff porn

Mommy and I have been in the kitchen cooking some delicious breakfast together but we rarely wear clothes, so we’re just wearing our tiny little sexy aprons. Every time I walk past her she spanks my tight little ass and I’m just begging her to bend me over the counter and slip her long slender finger deep into my tight little rose bud asshole. This would be so much more fun if there was a man around. I love the feeling of a thick cock just thrusting into my tight little slit as my mommy gropes my ass cheeks and kisses the back of my shoulders while she watches your sexy body moving back and forth. My wet little pussy juices dripping and sliding down your throbbing cock as you grow closer to filling my throbbing pussy with your steamy, hot jizz.  My mommy wants to see your fat cock stretch my pussy tight around that throbbing shaft as my moans grow louder until I’m screaming for more. I love to watch a man pull out after he’s done fucking me just before he’s at the edge of cumming and jackoff his load onto my slender little tummy, just like in the best Jackoff Porn.


adult phone chat  Last night I was just getting back home from the strip club and I was pleased to see all my friends in my apartment. Totally shocked but they planned a party for me and you know what that means. Drugs, alcohol, strippers,(including me) cocks, pussy all my favorite things I am just loved that I get random surprises. When I walked into my bedroom after a few shots and a bump there was a guy that I have never met before so I had to have his cock it was new and he was so sexy I had to fuck. I liked up and down his shaft played with his balls did a line of coke off of his dick and started fucking the shit out of him. He took me through me off of him and started to fuck me. After we went back to my party and started to party hard I don’t even remember the rest of the night. It had to be good always is.

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