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Whore Next Door

adult phone chat Most people have the girl next door. But that is not me. I am your whore next door. And I am not your typical whore who loves cock, as I very much enjoy having a huge cock shoved in my mouth, pussy and or ass at any given moment. I equally love me some pussy. I will take your wife and let her grind my face as your ram your fuck rod deep into my dripping wet cunt. Or maybe we can share your cock together. I’d love to give her a good lesson on how to cock suck the right way. You both will be thanking me by the time this night is over. She will now know how to actually make you cum when she wraps her lips around your dick, instead of those lame old married blow jobs. And she will be so happy you will no longer have to stick your meat in another bitch again. Of course unless that bitch is me. Because you both are going to want to invite me back into your bedroom. After all we are neighbors we will be seeing a lot of each other. In more ways than one! Welcome to the neighborhood!

Submissive Whore

adult phone chat  taylorI can’t imagine a life of being a dominate whore. No, I am nothing but a submissive whore. I am so young and I already know my place in life is to please men and their cocks. I am only good for getting fucked, used, and violated. I need to be forced to fuck and suck all the cocks that can fit in my holes. Please show me what I deserve, give me what I TRULY desire. I crave that cock more than anything. You know that. You want to feel my struggle and try to fight against your cock just like the fantasy but made real. You own me, I am your fucking bitch and your slut. Be as rough with me as you want. You know I need it!

Mama loves that booty fun.

adult phone chatI’m a big gal and I love some big cock. Especially when it’s being shoved in my round little booty. yes, I admit it. Mama loves some anal sex and last night my fantasy came true. It was dark when I was leaving the store. I saw two black men hanging out near my car. I wasn’t afraid. I’m six feet tall and packing. I walked right up to them and asked. “What’s up, boys? Can I help you with something?” One of them grinned and said. “How about some of you, big mama?”  I laughed. “You think you have what I need?” The bigger one unzips his fly, right there in the back of the parking lot.  He drags out a cock so big that my mouth fell open. His friend does the same, revealing another stick of big beef. He takes me by the hand and leads me to my car. “Right here.” I whisper. They both shrug and move in on me. I flip my skirt up, revealing my naked flesh. “OMG.” I hear. “I want you both.” I demand. Soon I have one in my mouth and one in my ass, thick nigger cocks making me moan. I hear a sound and look up to see the store manager watching us, his dick in his hand, all red faced. “Is everything ok out here, ma’am?”  “Yes sir. It’s wonderful. We were just leaving.” I took those boys home that night. They fucked every hole 3 times and left me with a sore ass full of cream. I should do more late night shopping.

It’s Been Too Long…

adult phone chat (2)

It’s been too long since I’ve been fucked the way I want. I’ve been craving, and I mean seriously crazing a nice fat cock shoved deep inside my ass. Don’t you want to call me so we can talk about just that? Anal phone sex baby, I’m craving it! I can take your dick so well in my ass; you will have me shaking with excitement. I don’t even care if you shove it in dry, because I LOVE the pain of your huge cock stretching out my already super tight ass…oh yes. There truly is nothing like the feeling of your hard cock just completely filling me up! I will rub my wet pussy while you fuck me from behind too, mmm. And if I get lucky maybe you will pull my hair back and smack me a bit…just to hear me moan. Would you do that for me? How could you get so lucky? Your little wife or girlfriend NEVER lets you fuck her in the ass – let alone actually enjoys it!

I need to be fucked!

adult phone chatOMG I need to be fucked! I don’t know what it is but ever since I got pregnant, I have been horny as fuck every second of the day it feels like. I guess it’s a good thing that I am a slut, because if I wasn’t before, I sure am now! I have a parade of men coming in and out of my house all day long, some are there for me, some are there for my little ones, either way, Mommy is going to get off. So what’s it going to be baby? Do you want a sweet little tiny bald pink cunt? Or a sweet little boy cock? Or do you want this juicy pregnant pussy right here? Come and get it baby cus all I want is sex, sex and more sex! I can never get enough no matter what I do! You are going to be fucking all of us all day long, I can see it already!

Here Kitty Kitty Kitty

adult phone chat christinaIt had been a long time since I had been with a furry friend and I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it. But when my desires were recently awakened by a chance encounter with a four legged friend, I have not been able to quench my thirst for this kind of lust. the girls have caught me several times with Rover and have watched intently while rubbing their throbbing wet pussies. I know that they are tempted and intrigued but they haven’t come out and said any thing or asked to join in and play. I have been thinking about how to introduce them to the joys of furry love.
And then something amazing happened.
This morning I walked into the girl’s room and there, on the bed, spread eagle, surrounded by her sisters, was one of my girls with our newest addition, Morris between her legs.
The little orange ball of fur with his head bobbing up and down as he licked greedily.
My cunt gushed a stream of juice that I could not hold back.
I watched as she writhed and moaned and her sisters all finger fucked themselves.
I watched them all take turns and came over and over again.
Then I gathered them up for breakfast and sent them out to play.
I had to try Morris out for myself and let me tell you his rough tongue and purring certainly did the trick.

Sexy phone sex

adult phone chat opheliaThings are always more tempting if they are things that you are not aloud to have. I do not know about anyone else, but if someone tells me “no”- I will do the exact opposite. I am not a fan of monogamy and I have been promiscuous since I came out of the womb. I have always been flirting with my sisters boyfriends and stealing them right from underneath of her. I have lead on my mothers boy toys. I have even gone as far as taking my best friends husbands. I really should not be the one to blame. I offer everything a man could want. I am the perfect other woman. I love sucking dick so much that I wish I could put it on a list of my favorite hobbies to do. I enjoy the fact that I can make any man cum harder then that same old bitch that he spends every day laying boringly next to him, well except the days he is sneaking away to be with me. My pussy is always soaked and waiting to stroke off a big hard, forbidden dick. I will treasure and satisfy all those deepest darkest secrets that the main woman in your life can not handle.

Fantasy phone chat with Mommy Daphne

Fantasy phone chat

You aren’t the only one who has the same taboo fantasy. It is no surprise you want to spread my thighs apart and kiss down my thighs till you find my wet pussy. Kiss my pussy lips and suck on my clit baby. Just like that your mommy is your dirty cum whore. Ever since I pushed you out of my tight hole I have wanted that tiny cock. I would kiss your tiny cock during each diaper change and bath time! I couldn’t keep my hands or mouth off of you.. That it why mommy loves your naughty fantasy! I want see your cock now baby. Pull it out for mommy, now don’t be shy. I know you love the attention. Now pull your cock out like mommy asked. See I told you sweet son, you wanted me and I want you. Lean in and feel mommy’s wet hairy pussy.. My pussy is so wet and warm.. My sweet son you do this to your mommy! Now kiss mommies cunt as I suck your hard cock my sweet son! 

Dirty Mommy Phone Sex

dirty mommy phone sexDirty mommy phone sex is all I know. I wouldn’t want to be a clean mommy. Neither would my daughter Morgan. We enjoy playing together. In fact we have been fucking since she was just a young thing. Back then, I rarely shared her. I was a greedy mommy. Then one day I met Jerome. A big beautiful black man that made me weak. His cock was the biggest I had ever seen. Seriously, it was almost like a mythological creature. I just couldn’t believe it was as big and thick as it was; neither could Morgan. She was spying on me fucking him one day. She started rubbing her little cunnie, made a sexy moaning sound and Jerome heard her. He didn’t think I had any brats. I sort of mislead him so I could get some BBC. I thought he would be mad and leave, but his focus shifted onto my sexy slut daughter once he saw her. Couldn’t blame him. Morgan is a hottie. All the guys are attracted to her tiny teen body and baby girl voice. Jerome wanted my daughter. I knew he would split her open.  She knew he would split her open. Jerome knew he would split her open. None of us cared. I licked her little honey pot to lubricate her for his monster cock. Shoved a few fingers in her cunt pretty much in vain. My long lean fingers were no match for a 14 inch coke bottle thick black cock. She screamed as I guided his fat fuck stick into her tight pussy. She loved it though. She was not a virgin, but she said it felt like popping her cherry all over again because he was so big. Jerome didn’t last long inside her tight teen twat, but that was just the first time. We have been sharing his big black meat for years now. He says every time he fucks Morgan it is like he is doing a virgin again. She is quite the whore, but she has a tight pussy for your dick.

sexy slut


adult phone chat patriciaI love being a sexy Milf! And I take it very seriously! See there are so many young men out there who need to learn how to be good lovers! And I am the sexy Mommy who is going to teach them exactly what a woman wants! Now it is going to take a little time. It is after just like anything else! Practice practice practice to make perfect! Which of course I love as well! Let this hot mommy show you how to lick a pussy! I will be patient and guide you to that special spot all women love! Then I will train you how to hold that cum load till I have cum a couple of times. No one gets it right the first time. But don’t you worry. I am available for you to practice when ever you need. Mommy is going to make you the best lover ever! I promise! Just listen to me and do everything I tell you! Mommy know best!

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