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Kinky Fetish Porn

kinky fetish pornDo you watch kinky fetish porn? You may have seen some of my underground stuff if you do. I’m pretty kinky. Pretty much a nasty submissive whore. I get paid pretty well to do little underground fetish movies. Sometimes it is an S and M type porn where my big tits are bound and abused. Other times its straight out whips and chains for hours. The two most common fetish films I make are ass rape porn and water sports. I made a new film with this guy I met on Fet Life last week. He had me chained up in the basement with just a bucket to piss in.  He was feeding me big ass bottles of lemonade to make me piss more. I was a pissing machine. After about 6 hours I had filled the bucket with my own urine. I thought that was the end of the movie. I thought he just wanted to see how much I could really pee. He dumped the bucket over my head like I was Carrie at the prom. I was covered in urine. My own urine no less. Plenty off it went in my mouth and nose, not to mention my eyes and my ears. I smelled like a toilet. He just laughed. To him, it was funny making me drink my own piss. Would it amuse you too to douse me in my own urine?

Older Women,, Younger Men

adult phone chat farahI’m a sexy MILF who prefers the company of younger men. Younger guys are uncomplicated. I don’t mean dumb. I just mean they don’t plays games. They say what they feel and they do what they want. Sexy mature women are pretty much the same way. The bonus is that young men and older women are experiencing their sexual prime at the same time. Men my age have been twice divorced already. That comes with a lot of baggage. Anger and resentment are not part of my life. Neither are dick issues. If you are too stressed or over worked to get your cock hard for a hot woman, I cannot be bothered with you. That might sound harsh, but life is too short not to enjoy it right? Fucking is what I enjoy. Fucking is what young guys enjoy too. So, I am a firm believer that we should be fucking together. Don’t you agree?

Mother Wants Best

adult phone chat CANDICEYoung boys these days just don’t know how hard mothers have it. Having to watch them grow, get handsome, get sexy, and then watch them paw all over girls their own age. What about a mom’s needs. I wish my son and his friends knew just how wet they made my pussy. How much I would love it if they just pushed my to my knees and whipped out their hard cocks. It looks like it needs a kiss to make it better. Let Mommy take care of that. Mmm, I could take them so much better than the little hussy’s their own age and love every minute of it. I’m so hot for that young, virile, spunk to run down my throat and cover my face. Make my clothes all dirty as they used me over and over again to get off. Because, we all know that young studs like you have all the stamina. Then when you get tired of my face and mouth I can always bend over, there is a more than willing pussy and a very neglected ass to pay attention too. Let me be the best mama ever and take care of all those needs you have and teach you how to pleasure a real woman.

Ball Gag

adult phone chat robynIt’s pay day for Master and that means he will be having a huge poker night with all his friends.
I will serve everyone all night long with a ball gag strapped to my face, a collar around my neck and cuffs around my wrists and ankles.
I best not stumble. I best not fall. I best not spill one drop of drink or one morsel of food.
Everyone will have a paddle or whip to administer punishment if I am not the perfect serving wench.
Walking around with my ass and tits exposed I am here for the pleasure of those around me.
As usual the drunker they all get the more aggressive things become.
Master won’t let them REALLY hurt me. Like no broken bones or anything like that.
But tomorrow I will be covered in bruises and sore as hell from being fucked by every one there.
The better I serve the more pleased Master will be and the better my weekend will go.

Dirty Mommy Phone Sex With Preggo Ireland

Dirty mommy phone sexSex seems to stay on my brain lately. Its all I can think about. With this growing belly, you would think it would be the last thing I would want. I have become obsessed. My preggo pussy is always wet and horny. The crazy thing is I have never been a dirty Mommy and that is what is suddenly the center of my desires. I even played Mommy in a sexy roleplay with my neighbor the other day and being his dirty Mommy got me off so much. I’m thinking of how many things my babies need to learn about sex and that Mommy should be the one to teach them. When I think about teaching my daughter how good it feels to have her pussy eaten or my son getting his cock sucked, my already wet pussy gushes. Mommy should be the one to teach them these things, right? Maybe I can also teach them how to eat and finger Mommy’s pussy too. Do you have dreams like this too or are the pregnancy hormones what is making me have these sudden obsessions with young dick and coochie? Either way, I have had some very intense masturbation dreaming about all these things. I’d love to have some dirty mommy phone sex with someone right now while I play with m y horny pussy.

Submissive phone chat with Makayla

Submissive phone chat

I know you want this tiny body against yours. I know you want to stick your tongue into my juicy wet bald pussy! But what do you want to put inside of me first?! There are so many options. Do you want to tease my bald cunny with your fingers? Or do you want to lick my cunny through my white cotton panties? Thinking about every option is making your thick cock so hard! I mean you could pull my panties to the side and tease my bald light pink cunny lips with the tip of your tongue or with your fingers.. There are so many options and we haven’t even gotten to you touching my tiny clitty!! See you could slowly pull my panties off and kiss me gently. You could spread my puffy bald pink cunny lips apart. Look at my tiny hole and see how wet my cunny is for you! You could stick your tongue in my tight little cunny hole or you could tease me with your fingers… So many options!! What will you choose? 

Wet Panties

adult phone chat melinda1He loves seeing them wet their little cotton panties. I dress them up all pretty in pink dresses with pink cotton panties with lace on the butt, white ankle socks and black patent leather shoes. Their hair in pig tails and pink ribbons. He makes them stand in front of him and hold their dresses up so he can watch. Their little faces scrunch up as they push. it starts as a little trickle and soon it is flowing down their legs soaking their little white sock and filling their shoes. His dick gets hard as a rock and it’s hard not to cum yet, but he isn’t done with them.

Perverted Sexy Milf

sexy milf

Mmm, as you can see there are no limits and no taboos with me. As long as you and I are getting off, who cares? I don’t – as a bad, mommy whore I don’t care what happens to my little ones. I just want to use them, and I want to be used. I’ll do it to every single one I pop outta my soaking wet cunt. Why would I care? I am addicted to being pregnant. Testing limits – since I haven’t found a single one! I make everything fit, no matter how small or tight or little. They will never be too young to take cock in their mouths or in their tight cunts and asses! Mommy did it when she was little, now they can do it too! Don’t you think it’d be so hot to see them crying and begging for help from Mommy but all I am doing is helping you fuck them, hurt them, breed them. They’re useless little sluts just like their Mommy! Tell us, and show us.

I love dirty mommy phone sex!

dirty mommy phone sexI love dirty mommy phone sex because I can be myself completely and tell all you horny daddies all of my incest fantasies. Who else could I tell this stuff too? No one else truly understands the intimate bond between a mother and her offspring. Like last night, my son couldn’t sleep so he crawled into my bed. I sleep naked so as soon as he touched me under the blankets his little cock got really hard. Now, most mothers would be a prude about it, they would make him go to his own room and suffer blue balls just because they can’t understand how sexual a mother/son relationship can be! How cruel is that? I could never let my sweet son suffer like that so I did what any good mother should do… I threw back the blankets and sucked his little dickie! He loves it when mommy plays with him like that and it makes him nice and sleepy after he cums too, so really where’s the harm in it? The fact that it really turns me on to do it is just icing on the cake!

Adult phone chat for sissy training.

adult phone chat

I spread my legs and he slid between them. He’d been in sissy training with me for a few months. I’d reward him with some juicy mommy pussy. In return I’d wear my fat black strap-on and give him the cock he craved. He was going to make some guy a good little ass bitch. I came just hearing him moan for more dick in his boy-pussy. He was hot to trot and ready for the real thing. I knew about that craving for cum and he had it bad. Maybe you need a sissy trainer too. I love AB/DL boys and sissies the best. I’m a firm but loving mom who gets what she needs first. A taste of my vintage pussy will bring back memories of your own mom for sure. That first sniff of panties and the times you wore them under your jeans. Oh yes, I know all about that. Mommy always knows.

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