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2 girl phonesex is twice the fun!

2 girl phonesex2 girl phonesex Daisy here – thinking about all the fun I had the other day with the cocks Mama Jan brought home for me to fuck. She always helps me get my daily fill of cock and cum. It’s a never ending need for the both of us and I love sharing it with her. I am a good girl and do whatever I am told to do, which is normally starting with their cocks in my mouth. I open nice and wide and allow their cocks to take turns entering my mouth. I was taught to be a good slut so I don’t gag at all when they put their cocks to the very back of my throat all the way down! I might choke a little though if they both try to fit – I am trying to work on opening my mouth wider. I am covered in my spit from sucking these cocks and I get the go ahead to start fucking so I know it’s time to hop right on top to ride these cocks. I’m not greedy though, I will share with Mama since she is the one who set this up for us after all… I will also show her my appreciation – you’ll see later how.

Hot Teen Slut for Sugar Daddies

adult phone chat summerAs a hot teen slut, I find that I can attract all sorts of men. My eyes are set on older men, however. They seem to know how to treat a young girl. I was a daddy’s girl. He was my first, so I was ruined for boys my age long before I started college. As a coed, I am way more interested in my professors than my peers. I have this one professor who was a bit of a challenge, but he was worth the pursuit. Handsome, smart and loaded. Family money of some sort. Lives humbly, but is a millionaire. Yeah, I did my research. Took months of office visits, before he broke down and admitted I had a hot tight body. As soon as I had an opening, I went for it. I unzipped his pants, blew his cock and let him eat my pussy. Never in my life had anyone eaten my pussy so good. I almost fell of his desk writhing around in excitement. He started to have guilt over making a student cum on his face, but I promised him I was a big girl and knew how to be discreet. Promised him I was not after good grades or his money. Been fucking him ever since. He worships my pussy, I worship his cock and he spoils me all the time with gifts and trips. His money is nice, but his cock and his tongue are what keep me fucking him. Older me are just better lovers.

Dirty Mommy Phone Sex with Slut Wife Blair

dirty mommy phone sex Dirty mommy phone sex is so much more fun than MILF sex. I mean why just talk to a hot mom when you can talk to a dirty mom who fucks her sons? My mommy was an incest mommy. I use to watch her fuck my brother when I was just a little girl. Eventually I got big enough to fuck him too. Mommy loved watching her son nail her daughter. I grew to love it so much too, that when I started birthing brats of my own, I knew I would be just the kind of mommy my mommy was. There was only one difference though. I never had a daughter. I birthed three sons. One older now from my first marriage and two young sons with my second husband. I told both husbands that when I birthed my babies, they were taking a back seat to those boy cocks. My first hubby didn’t like watching me fuck our son so I kicked him to the curb and traded him in for a younger model who did. I mean I want a husband who can enjoy watching his slut wife fuck their boys. I lucked out with hubby number two. If I was your wife, would you enjoy watching me fuck our boys?

Gang Bang Fucking Fun

adult phone chat viv1It’s been a long time since I had a good old fashioned gang bang.
When Manny invited me over and asked me to make drinks for him and his buddies while they had their weekly poker game, I jumped at the chance. Manny has some real hot fucking friends and I figured I could console the looser at the end of the night with a blowjob or some pussy.
I wore something very sexy and low cut, showing off my cleavage that goes for miles and some sexy perfume.
Looking in the mirror at my reflection I looked pretty damned good.
I was very attentive all night long keeping their glasses full. As the night went on the boys got louder and then things took a turn.
There was only Manny and one other guy left playing. Manny had most of the money and the other guy wanted to up the bet.
Suddenly Manny was offering me up. If Manny won, he got me all to himself. If the other guy won they all got to gang bang me.
My pussy started twitching as I watched hoping for the other guy to win.
Bam…. ;et the gang bang begin!

A family New Year Celebration

adult phone chatBring in the New Year with your dream mommy for some jackoff porn. This mommy is all about the family. I’m a granny with grandbrats who love to please. Whether you want to be my very own little boy or just join us for some family fun, I’m the mommy for you. I train my young ones from an early age to make sure they know how to please a man. Yes, both my boys and girls love that cock. If you are craving some little cunny or some boy butt, we can talk about your darkest desires. Or maybe you’re that panty boy who can’t stay out of mommy’s things and need that bottom punished. A hot roleplay is what you really need to bring in the New Year. Don’t jerk that cock alone. Mommy loves to help her boys become men. Let’s get off together. I’ll rub my pussy while you jerk that throbbing, deprived cock.

jackoff porn

jackoff pornToday I hung out with my brother and cousin they both agreed to help me around my house. They didn’t mention that they had a different definition of helping out around the house. My brother picked me up as he put my ass and cunt on the kitchen counter. I felt the counter cold against my pussy lips. He spread my legs wide open as he began to flick his younger all over my cunt. I was getting soaking wet to the point that my pussy juices were just running down my thighs. My cousin came in only to find my brothers face buried in my cunt. He had no idea that we had a relationship like this. He couldn’t help but to come over to me and rip my shirt off. He grabbed my hip bones and lowered me down to all fours. My brother shoved his cock in my mouth so that I could suck him off as my cousin shoved his cock in my pussy. He pounded me from behind. I kept my balance by embracing the impact of my cunt getting pounded along with my face. I was like one of those metal balls on a string that hit one another distributing energy to the other. As my brother shoved in my cousin pulled out. I can wait to get bathed in cum!

Sweet teen

adult phone chat jadynWhat would you do with a sweet teen like me? A very naughty girl I am, I’m sure you can tell that from the smile on my face. But you and I both know that this teen body is just begging to be fucked! Not just a little vanilla sex but some hardcore fuck my holes raw kind of fucking! I’m not a slut… I just love sex and think my body should be shared with others, it’s just that good. You’ll soon agree with me! Just let me show you what you’ve been missing out on, all this tight bald pussy needs is a cock to control it, and I think you’ve got just the right dick for me! Let me do the taste test to be sure, taste it and suck it deep into my mouth…mmm yummy! Yep this precum tells me you’re the man who is going to fuck me the right way!

Nasty Freak Wants to Be Your Toilet Slave

best phone sex cassandraI am such a nasty freak. Why do I say that? Because I will do anything a guy wants. I am a true submissive slut. So when I let this handsome stranger pick me up at the bar the other night, I had no idea that later I would be his toilet slave. It started out like any other hook up. I blew his cock, then rode his cock. When I was riding his big hard dick, he started to piss up my cunt. At first, I thought he was cumming, but the smell gave it away. His piss jet stream acted as a douche up my pussy. He ordered me to piss it out just like a douche. I am a good fuck slut, I did I was told. Pissed it out in a glass that he made me chug. I should have seen that one coming. He did the same thing to my ass. I shit that piss out too and drank it with a cum chaser. Told you I was a nasty girl.

Sister Fucking Mommy

adult phone chat darlaWe love when my sister comes over to visit and the holidays are never the same without her. Harley loves to watch us fuck and he waits patiently playing with his little clitty while wearing his aunt”s panties for his turn. When we feel Harley get in between us and we all start kissing and caressing each other. We love to take our time cumming and licking each other clean before we do it all again. Harley loves it when we fuck her tight little pussy and make her little clitty squirty squirt all over the place! She loves making us moan and buckling the strap ons on us so we can fuck her and each other. After a long day of holiday festivities being together like this just the three of us is a warm, wet and cozy way to end the day and reflect on all that we are grateful for and all we have! There is nothing like family….sexy slut specials

Sexy Mother/Daughter Duo

2 girl phonesex (2)

Two is always better than one and what is better than Morgan and Madison? We are realllllly close if you know what I mean and she did her best to raise me to know what a man likes and to obey just like a good girl! We make such a great team when pleasing a man, there really is nothing quite like us, and having us cater to your every desire.  Mommy always makes me handle the dirty work and nastiest fantasies, she says I need the experience and since she’s my elder I have no choice but to listen to what she tells me to do! But to be honest, I really don’t mind being mommy’s little whore, and having all the fun in the world with her and all her guy friends she brings home for me to fuck and suck off… I love my Mommy and I love how she raised me to be her special little girl. I love looking for Daddy’s to fuck, since my Daddy is such a pathetic thing with a tiny little dick. He’ll never get to fuck me, and he doesn’t even to get to fuck Mommy!

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